How to Make an Egg Smoke Bomb

Three Methods:Draining the EggFilling the EggSealing and Decorating the Egg

You don't need to fight crime or escape from mischief to use a smoke bomb. Egg smoke bombs are safe, fun, and easy to make. The egg smoke bomb is the same design used by the Teenage Mutant Turtles.[1] It doesn't require fire or a fuse to ignite; simply throw it on the ground for a smokey poof.

Method 1
Draining the Egg

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    Gather a batch of eggs. It doesn't matter what type of egg you use. Don't feel inclined to buy expensive, organic eggs, but you could. Jumbo eggs cost a little more, but are easier to work with.
    • You can even save the egg's insides for cooking if you don't want to be wasteful.
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    Puncture the egg. Take a push pin or nail and poke it through the bottom of the egg.[2] After creating the initial puncture, widen the hole. Softly scrape the edges of the gap until it's around the size of your thumb's fingernail.
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    Drain the egg. Hold the egg over the sink as the insides drain out. You can catch the egg white and yolk in a bowl if you don't want to waste any supplies. If the yolk is stuck at the opening, puncture the yolk with a pin or nail. Allow the yolk to completely drain out of the egg's shell.
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    Wash out the interior. Turn on the faucet to a mild stream. If the water is too heavy, the shell might crack or become damaged. Gently wash the leftover insides out of the shell. You don't need to be too thorough, but a basic rinse will do.[3]
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    Dry the egg shells. Place the egg shells back into the egg carton. Make sure the hole you created is facing down. This will allow most of the liquid to clear from the shell. By the time you're done preparing the powder, your shells should be ready to go.
    • It'll take around 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Place them in a sunny spot of the house for a quicker drying time.

Method 2
Filling the Egg

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    Gather the supplies. You'll need baby powder and crushed chalk. The chalk is an optional ingredient that is used to add color to your smoke bomb. Pick out whatever color of chalk you want the smoke to be. Use a variety of colors if you want multiple colors of smoke.
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    Mix the powders. Crush the chalk pieces if you haven't already done so. Be sure that the chalk is finely ground. You could grind the chalk in a food processor, or by hammering the chalk in a sealed plastic bag. Mix the chalk into the baby powder. Use about a handful of baby powder per tablespoon of chalk powder. Stir your powders until they are evenly mixed together.
    • Experiment with different proportions of baby powder to chalk.
    • Create multiple batches of colors. Don't feel limited to use one color for all of your bombs. Store the mixture in a tupperware container.[4]
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    Prepare the mixture. Take a sheet of computer paper and fold it in half hot dog style. Unfold the paper, and place two tablespoons of your mixture onto the paper. The crease you created will help guide the powder into the shell without a mess.[5]
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    Funnel the mixture into the shell. Flip your shell in the egg container so that the hole is facing you. Carefully shake the powdered mixture into the hole. Work slowly with the powder to avoid a mess. This step above anything else requires patience and a steady hand. Don't feel discouraged if you make a mess.[6]
    • If it's difficult to fill, increase the size of the hole. Be careful not to create any cracks.
    • If you find clumps in the powder, smooth them out with a fork or by using a food processor.

Method 3
Sealing and Decorating the Egg

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    Gather the sealant. There are many different types of sealant you can use. It depends on how aesthetically concerned you are about your smoke bombs. The simplest method is to apply a small strip of tape over the opening. You could also seal the hole by using tissue paper and a glue stick.
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    Seal with tape. Once you've filled the eggs with the powder, cut out small strips of tape. You can use whatever tape you have lying around. Duct tape or electrical tape is preferred. Seal the hole with the strip of tape. If your strip didn't cover the hole's entirety, apply another strip of tape.
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    Cut tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper a little larger than the shell's opening. Use standard tissue paper like you'd use to wrap a birthday present. You can use different colors of tissue paper if you want.[7]
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    Seal with tissue paper. Apply your glue stick to one side of the tissue paper you've cut out. Place the adhesive side of the tissue paper over the egg's hole. Make sure the glue is firmly sealed onto the egg's outer shell.[8]
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    Decorate your smoke bomb. You can take this in any direction you want. If you'd like a simpler design, draw something with a marker. You could also paint a fun design using watercolors. Remember you're going to ultimately break this, so don't become too invested in your design. Be careful when decorating; the egg's shell is still very fragile.
    • This step is optional.
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    Throw your bomb. Once you've finished perfecting your smoke bomb, it's time to destroy it! Throw the bomb on the sidewalk or onto a slab of concrete. If you choose to use colors, this will create a colorful aftermath.


  • Don't throw the smoke bomb directly at somebody.
  • Avoid areas that are near people's faces.

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