How to Make an Effective Poster Presentation

Showcasing your research at an academic conference is a chance given to a privileged few. If you are one of the lucky researchers who have received the opportunity to present your research work, an effective poster presentation will go a long way in sharing your work with the audience. However, making the presentation may seem overwhelming at first.


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    While making your presentation, be able to communicate your research work with the help of text, graphics and designs. The reader must be able to understand the work without any verbal explanations. Your communication must be simple, to the point and effective.
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    Understand your audience. While making any presentation, it is important to pay careful attention towards the audience. You need to know who will be looking at your presentation and use an appropriate tone of voice as per the audience.
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    Organise your content. While writing the research paper, you have support of many words to make your points. However, a presentation must be concise and precise, since the viewer will have only a few seconds to read through the text. Place the text in an organised manner for faster and better understanding.
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    Add a good design. Design your poster in a way that it stands out from the crowd and draws attention. Check for the rules of the conference and understand the maximum size that can be used in the poster. Use a good layout that enhances your work and makes it simpler to read. Use white space effectively to draw attention towards the vital parts of your presentation.
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    Install Colours & Backgrounds. A presentation gives you the scope to move beyond black and white and use colours to enhance the look of your study. Make sure to use colours effectively and not ruin your text with the use of vibrant colours. A clean background is always preferred since it keeps the attention on the text.
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    Keep a check on the Font. Your fonts must be readable from a distance so that people get the opportunity to comprehend your text. Use a 72 point size for your title so that it immediately attracts attention. Readability must be the key focus of your design while choosing font style and colours.
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    Proofread. Take help from a student or a colleague to read your presentation thoroughly and get honest feedback. Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Ensure that the presentation is edited and checked before presenting it.

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