How to Make an Easy Teddy Bear

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It is really easy to make a simple teddy bear from scrap fabric or felt. All you'll need is the basic teddy bear outline, some simple sewing tools likely to already be in your house and a bit of stuffing. Best of all, you'll only need basic sewing skills too!

Method 1
Easy teddy

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    Think of a design for your toy. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bear; it can be a tiger, a dog, even something like a crocodile (if you want a challenge).
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    Get some two pieces of fairly big pieces of felt. Draw a simple template of the teddy and then cut it out! Put the pieces of felt together when you cut so the size of the teddy is identical on either side.
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    Get a fabric marker and draw eyes, a nose, a mouth. etc. If you with a mission then
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    Sew some buttons on for eyes and nose or you could even cut out felt things to sew or glue on.
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    Get a needle and thread and sew the side of the teddy together. Remember to leave a space to put in the stuffing!
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    Stuff your teddy! A teddy isn't a teddy without stuffing- that's why they are sometimes called 'Stuffed Animals'! Don't worry if you don't have proper stuffing, you can use anything; bits of material or even a pair of old socks!
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    Put the stuffing in and then sew up the gap.
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    Give your teddy a name. It could be anything- Bubblegum, Cookie, Pinky, Blue, Pebbles or a made up word.
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    Give your teddy lots of love. Sleep with it, make it clothes, make it a... den?
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Method 2
Mini keyring teddy

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    Draw a tiny teddy template on some paper. Cut out the design to form the template.
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    Put 2 pieces of felt together. Pin the template to the felt.
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    Cut the felt following the template. You'll end up with two teddy bear pieces.
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    Remove the template and pins.
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    Add the facial features. Choose one piece to be the front of the teddy. Sew eyes, nose and a mouth onto the teddy. You can glue on eyes if preferred, or even glue on all features from small bits of felt.
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    Stitch the sides together using blanket stitch. Or, if you want to sew it more simply, just use edge or running stitch. Be sure to leave a gap for stuffing the teddy.
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    Stuff the teddy. Use stuffed toy stuffing, scrap fabric, cotton wool, etc.
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    Sew up the rest of the body. Cast off.
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    Tie the end of a piece of embroidery thread in a knot. Thread through a needle.
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    Poke the needle in the top of the teddy and tuck the knot in. Then tie the end of the thread to the thread knot.
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    Attach to the keyring.
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    Put the finished teddy keyring on a coat, fleece, bag, cardigan or anything else. Do this with a zip or loop.
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Sewing Guide

Sample Teddy Bear Template


  • Remember to leave that gap when you sew. Otherwise it will be a non-stuffed animal!
  • Needles are sharp! So are scissors! Ask an adult to help with sewing and cutting!

= Things You'll Need

Method 1:

  • 2 large pieces of felt
  • 4 buttons
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing
  • Fabric marker
  • Ribbon (optional)

Method 2:

  • Paper
  • Pencil or marker
  • Pins
  • 2 pieces of felt (colors of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Embroidery thread
  • Stuffing
  • Keyring

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