How to Make an Easter Tree

An Easter tree is a decoration suitable for Easter time. It's very simple and therefore is an ideal craft idea for smaller children to make with you.


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    Assemble the items needed to complete the project. These are listed below under "Things You'll Need". When searching for the branch, choose one that resembles a tree in miniature. The size of the branch is up to you - it can be small to very large, depending on how much space you're allotting it in the house––just adjust the bird sizes to suit the tree size
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    Paint the branch completely white. Allow to dry.
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    Decide how you'll arrange the birds on the branches of the painted tree. Then attach each bird in various places around the tree, using glue, string, pipe cleaners or poster tack.
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    Place the small nest in the tree somewhere. You can purchase little nests from the craft store or improvise and make your own from twigs, yarn or other items. Straw or grass nests are good too.
    • Add some eggs to the nest. You can make them using all sorts of things from modeling clay to marbles. Either paint white or cover with Easter egg papers. Depending on the size of the nest, miniature Easter eggs could also be placed in the nest.
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    Add twists of tissue paper throughout the tree. Ensure that there are various pastel shades to make it look pretty.
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    Arrange the tree to stand in a container and balance with pebbles, glass stones or other fill. Place on display.


  • If making your own birds, use real feathers. Visit a local park to see what feathers you can find or buy some from the craft store.

Things You'll Need

  • Dead branch in a shape of your liking, make sure it's dry
  • White paint suitable for painting wood
  • Little birds (craft store, raid the toy basket or make your own - Easter chicks are fine too)
  • Glue or pipe cleaners (chenille sticks) or poster tack or string to attach the birds
  • Pastel shades of tissue paper
  • Small nest
  • Container to hold branch

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