How to Make an Artistic Dress

Have you ever wanted to walk into a party or event in a dress that is so original and unusual that the entire room has to stare upon your entrance? Or are you just an artist who wants to create a wearable art dress for yourself of someone else. This article will help give you a suitable format for creating a dress that is out of this world. However, the creativity you put into the dress will still be up to you.


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    Avoid size restrictions. Although getting through doorways or sitting in cars may be tough for dresses that extend far past your body shape, artistic dresses are not always practical. don't be afraid to have the rim of your dress exceed two, maybe 3 feet (0.9 m) from your body or have the tail of your dress drag behind you for 10 feet (3.0 m). If your dress has a collar make the collar taller then your head. If there is something on the back of your dress such as wings or a Styrofoam color wheel make it touch the ceiling! First direct your creativity the overall shape of the dress as opposed to the pattern or texture.
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    Pick a theme. This will help you come up with more artistic ideas for the dress. Explore your topic. What about it can be expressed in your dress through shape and texture. For example, a dress that expresses a factory that dumps its waste into a river. You could have the tail of your dress as the river, containing numerous pieces of the factory’s product sewn into it. The factory smoke stacks can be sticking out from your back.
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    Use chicken wire or another strong, light, flexible frame. This will help you mold or bend your dress into a unique shape. However, a manikin is usually required for this. You can cover the dress in canvas fabric or the thin and light, but expensive, rubber you use to line showers to cover the gaps and make the dress look smoother.
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    Use artistic materials. Glue on old toys or unused household objects to your dress. Then spray paint your dress all white or in many colors. Don’t feel limited to just fabric and thread. Maybe you can just use a fabric material that you find inspiring such as a children's parachute or garbage bags
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    Consider the features of a dress. The sleeves. The back. the waist. the part that ties around your neck. The ruffles. What could you do with these that could relate to your dress. Maybe watch project runway or read a fashion magazine. Notice what elements these designers incorporate into their dresses that differ from a typical, more simple dress.
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    Don’t think rationally or realistically. If you do your dress will appear rational and realistic. Think of making a dress more as if you’re drawing a picture of your favorite fictional, cartoon character.


  • Do your research and be resourceful.
  • Picture yourself in the dress from time to time


  • Be aware of where you are wearing the dress and if it is really appropriate. make sure your comfortable wearing the dress in public.
  • This can become expensive if you are not resourceful

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