How to Make an Anti Static Wipe for Computer Screens

Save some money on those fancy brand name anti-static wipe solutions for computers and make your own - safely and easily.


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    Assemble the things you'll need, as listed below.
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    In a medium size bowl, mix the liquid fabric softener, water and drops of essential oil (if using).
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    Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
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    Spray direct onto the fabric squares that you've chosen. Once dampened, wipe over the computer screen to remove the static.
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    Repeat as often as needed. This preparation will remove the static and will also deter dust from gathering over longer periods of time.


  • Label the spray bottle so that you know what it is for.
  • For transferring the spray to the bottle, a funnel is helpful.


  • If you choose to spray this direct onto a computer screen, do so with great care, to avoid spilling it or spraying other parts of your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • 1/2 cup (118 ml) liquid fabric softener
  • 1/2 cup distilled water (try to avoid tap water as it can leave your screen cloudy, depending on the water's make up)
  • 1-2 drops essential oil of choice (optional)
  • 6 pieces soft flannel or cotton, cut into 12" (30 cm) squares to use for wiping
  • Medium sized bowl
  • Mixing implement (a wooden spoon is fine)

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