How to Make an Anniversary Gift Basket

Whether it's your first or 50th anniversary, each anniversary should be celebrated in a special and memorable way!

One way is to give each other gifts. What's even better is an anniversary gift basket, which can hold many gifts at once in a pretty basket. Don't know what to get? How to decorate? Have a low budget? No problem. In this article, you'll find some guidance.


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    Gather the basic supplies. Of course, you'll need a basket, a sufficiently sized one. Wicker baskets are most commonly used because it has an old-fashioned sense. Other supplies for the basket include cellophane, ribbons, flowers, fabric, paper doily, gift tag, card, and/or bows.
    • Stick with a theme on your basket. For example, if you choose your basket to be classy and simple, pick "cool" colors, such as white, lavender, light blue, etc. If you choose a cheery and bright basket, pick "warm" colors, like orange, yellow, red, etc. Keep with a color scheme.
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    Begin preparing the gift basket. Just a basket of gifts is great but if you want more, this will add value to its overall appearance:
    • Place a fabric or paper doily in the basket to cover the bottom and its sides; it's okay if excess is folded over the edges. Almost any fabric is fine, such as cotton or silk.
    • Next, you may wish to put some cottony cushion on the bottom above the fabric so the gifts will rest snuggly and make your gift basket appear larger. Add bows to the side, ribbons on the handle, and/or attach a gift tag.
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    Purchase or create your own homemade gifts. Depending on what gender the recipient is, think of gifts to give to your loved one. To make it even more special and thoughtful, try making some or all of the contents on your own! Here are some suggestions:
    • For Your Wife: fine jewelry, warm scarf, tasty chocolate, a beautiful bouquet, a classy purse, pleasant perfume, fancy soap, pair of glamorous shoes, plush pillow, scented candles, pocket journal, soft small blanket, wonderful books, digital camera, gift certificates (e.g. spa), theatre tickets, small beautiful painting, personalized photo and frame, ultimate makeup kit, personalized mug, and delicious cookies.
    • For Your Husband: high-quality camera, steel watch, pleasant cologne, personalized mug, fancy soap, tasty chocolate, delicious cookies, personalized photo and frame, glass cups set, leather wallet, portable radio, flannel shirts, silk tie, USB key chain, classic pocket watch, small book clock, silver pocket knife.
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    Arrange the gifts in the basket. Place the heavier items at the bottom, while lighter ones will sit easily on the top. If something is breakable, secure it and/or wrap it in some fabric. Center the tall items in the middle of the basket. Keep everything nice and neat.
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    Write the card. Leave a loving message in a decorated card. You can slip in gift cards if you wish. You can place it in the basket, or give it to them manually.
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    Wrap the whole basket with cellophane. This is optional, but it prevents the gifts from spilling out and protects them from outside disturbances. Cut a large piece of cellophane, big enough to wrap the basket. Position the basket in the middle. Get hold of the sides, and bring them up (you may have a helper). Secure it by tying an elegant ribbon at the top.


  • Less is more. Don't overcrowd your basket. It might look a bit messy if you do. Keep it proper and simple, but still a beautiful basket.
  • Flowers add a sweet touch! You can "sprinkle" individual flowers all around. They can be fake since real ones would die soon.
  • Homemade gifts are usually better because it shows that you care to spend some time creating the gift just for them. Perhaps you can throw in some, such as homemade cookies and/or a homemade card.
  • Remember to stick with a theme! You don't want so many colors to clash together.
  • You don't necessarily need to use a basket. Other containers, such as a casserole dish or serving bowl, are great to use as well!
  • If you choose to use cellophane, they can be any color relating to the theme. It may even have some pattern on it!

Things You'll Need

  • Basket (or container)
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbons
  • Ready-made bows
  • Fabric or paper doily
  • Gift tag
  • Card
  • Purchased/homemade gifts to place in basket

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