How to Make an Advent Paper Chain

An Advent paper chain lets you "string out" the opening of the Advent calendar––right across your room! An easy last minute decoration, it will be a hit with the kids and the more you tailor the messages to be meaningful, the more they'll appreciate the effort.


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    Cut strips from the construction paper. The strips should measure approximately 1" by 6" (2.5cm x 15cm). Follow suit with the other two pieces of paper. You will need 24 strips to make one full chain.
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    Add the days. Number the days on each strip of paper, beginning with December 1 and ending on December 24. Flip the pieces of paper over and write something on the back. Bible verses are good way to help your children understand Christmas and special messages acknowledging your child are a good way of showing your love and care for them. Alternatively, you could write down a fun activity to be done on that day, such as decorating the Christmas tree, making the Christmas cookies, or writing Christmas messages to friends online.
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    Construct the chain. Take the first strip labeled December 1, and using the glue stick, glue the ends together to form a ring. Make sure the date is clearly visible on the outside of the ring. Take your second piece labeled December 2 and run it through the ring you have just created and glue the ends together. Keep doing this with the remaining string strips until you've formed an entire chain.
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    Hang the chain up. After completing the Advent paper chain, hang it up on a Christmas tree, or near the fireplace. Show your child where it is hanging and explain what to do with it; every day have your child rip one ring off, starting on December 1, and read the message on the strip.
    • You can ask questions about the meaning of the message if it's something from the Bible, or you can discuss further any other message left.
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    • If you've left action statements on each strip, encourage your child to tell you each day what the planned activity is and set aside time to do it together.
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  • Feel free to improvise on this basic Advent chain. For example, use different types of paper and perhaps some fancy edged scissors.
  • Advent paper chains can be adapted to many other things, such as Hanukkah, or as a countdown to someone's birthday.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 3 pieces of construction paper, (for traditional Christmas colors, use one red, one green and one white)
  • 1 Sharpie, marker or something to write with

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