How to Make Almost Any Drink Mix Healthier

You go to the store and pick up a bottle of this or a can of that, or some powdered sweetness to make a fruit drink, and you notice the side-panel with the calories. How to cut those calories? You notice the price. How to make it cheaper?

Fortunately, most beverage companies seem to think American consumers are hummingbirds with few operable taste buds. Much lower concentrations of most fruit drink mixes, even at 1/2 to 1/4 the manufacturer's intended concentration of mix taste just fine. It's as safe as drinking water after drinking juice.

As you wean yourself off the concentrated stuff, it tastes better over time and eventually you can't stand full-strength drinks any more.

Consuming the same amount of drinks, but having far less of the calorie-loaded 'mix' in them is what makes the drinks healthier and cheaper.


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    Read directions on bottle/can for adding water.
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    Add lots more water (or lots less mix) than it says to.
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    You will need to experiment at first with your favorite mixes.
    1. If it calls for two tablespoons in a glass, try just one.
    2. Too weak, add small amounts of mix.
    3. Still strong, add large amounts of water.
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    Stop tinkering at the minimum concentration of mix where it still tastes 'OK' to you.


  • Add even 1/4 concentration of sports mix to water and you will get full flavor. Most people need the water far more than the electrolytes (SALT), and don't need the sugar (or sweet chemicals) at all. Half a scoop in a quart of water will knock the chlorine and the 'bottle' taste right out, and still taste sweet on the road. The can said to put FOUR scoops in.
  • Most tea bags can be used twice with no noticeable decrease in the flavor. This isn't really more 'healthy'; it just makes drinking tea cheaper, which may be more healthy in the long-run, according to the tea and what you might be drinking instead of tea.
  • Most bottled 'ready to drink' juices can be watered down as well. Fill half the glass with juice and top it with tap water (before adding ice) and most fruit juices taste just the same.
  • Some experimentation is called for. Not everything that tastes 'fine' to me will taste all that great to you, especially if you're used to bathing your tongue in concentrated sugar, corn syrup, sucrose, saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, neotame, acesulfame potassium, etc. The amount of sweetness that you crave in your drinks will reduce over time.
  • There is NO net health benefit if you halve the concentration of drink mix and then drink twice as much. To be a benefit to your health, this assumes you reduce the amount of flavoring mix and drink the same amount of fluids.
  • Most 'lemon' or 'lime' flavored drinks can use at least double the water the mixing instructions call for and still be sickeningly sweet. Add a can of lemonade concentrate into a gallon of water instead of two quarts. Just a tiny splash of lemon juice will make a lot of water lemony.


  • Kids may whine far more than adults. Especially adults who are on diets for health problems caused or worsened by too much sugar/corn syrup/etc. pouring down their throats every day.

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