How to Make Air Dried Hair Look Good

There are many reasons for why you may want to forgo using a blow dryer to dry your hair. You may not have the equipment or the time, or you may not want to damage your tresses using hot tools. Air drying your hair is a practical alternative that can save you time and money, and that can save your hair's cuticles from disrepair. Although you cannot expect to get the same results that you would get from blow drying your hair, there are many things you can do to air dried hair to make it look good. Here are some pointers.


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    Learn as much as you can about your hair type. This will give you a good idea of how long it will take your hair to air dry, what types of conditioners and styling products you should use and what kind of results you can expect for your air dried hair style. Almost every type of hair (besides naturally stick-straight hair) will dry with some type of texture in it.
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    Prepare hair in the proper way for optimal air drying. After washing your hair, towel dry as much dampness out of it as possible, then apply a leave-in conditioner.
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    Use styling products as needed. Look for products like gels, pomades, creams and mousses specifically designed for drying hair naturally.
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    Choose a look.
    • Random waves. Twist damp hair into a bun and clip it into place. Start by detangling hair completely. Then twist hair in a circular motion, secure it with a clip and let it dry. Once hair is dry, remove the clip and let the bun out for loose, tousled wavy hair.
    • Zigzag waves. Braid damp hair and let it dry. Experiment with different sizes and types of braids. The smaller the braids are, the kinkier your air dried hair will be when you unbraid it.
    • Uniform ringlets and spirals. Set damp hair in pin-curls or use traditional sponge rollers to create a head-full of curls.
    • S-curves. Air dry hair with rows of salon clips in it to create a simple s-curve texture.
    • Volume. Use a clip to pin hair in the opposite direction from how you want it to fall. Once hair is dry, remove the clip and use your fingers to fluff and increase the volume of that area from the roots out.


  • Put a little curl cream/ leave-in conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends, comb through with a wide-toothed comb then gently scrunch hair into loose curls and leave to dry without touching hair. Once dry gently massage to break up the curls slightly.
  • If you have thin, fine and/or oily hair, be sure you avoid your scalp area when applying leave-in conditioner.
  • Try not to put conditioners on the top of your head, it can make it greasy.
  • Invest in a super-absorbent towel to minimize drying time.
  • Air dried hair can sometimes become frizzy. Combat frizz with a frizz-fighting product.
  • Section off hair into four sections, and tie them in knots (basic knots, as if you are tying your shoes,except without the bows) then when you run out of hair, tie off with an elastic. Do that for both. Hair must be wet for this trick to work- and you can sleep in it!


  • Beware that any clip with teeth will leave marks in hair if it is left in during air drying.
  • Do not rub wet hair with a towel. Blot it only. Anything else causes frizziness and split ends.
  • Be careful not to use any clips, barrettes or other hair accessories that might snag in your hair, as wet hair is much more vulnerable to damage.

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