How to Make a Wooden Sword

Need a sword that looks cool but won't be too dangerous? You can make one out of wood by following the directions below.


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    Get a piece of wood, whether it be a plank, or a young tree. If it is a young tree, it should be about between 1.5–2.5 inches (3.8–6.4 cm) thick, preferably 2. Also, it should be fresh and not rotten. Swing it hard against the ground to see if it breaks. If it doesn't break, then continue on.
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    If you are using a plank, draw your sword shape with a pencil, remembering the guard, then cut it out. Use a knife to sharpen the blade.
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    If you are using a young tree, remove the bark, but use your fingers and remove it very carefully so it stays in one piece, to be used for a scabbard(sheath) for your sword. Cut the wood to proper sword length, and decide how long the handle should be. Determine the curve of the wood to be used for the blade edge. To remember the curve, cut about 45 degrees across the tip (thinner end) of your sword. Look at picture to see what is done.
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    Using a knife, start shaping the blade. I prefer to generally use a somewhat triangle shaped blade (one sharp side, one dull) with rounded corners. It should not be an equilateral triangle, but more of an isosceles, 40-70-70 triangle. The triangle shape provides sturdiness when used as a practice sword.
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    Amongst the shaping of the blade, you may want to make your handle into a sort of oval shape instead of a pure circle, this makes the sword more comfortable to grasp.
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    You may also use a plane to assist you, but a knife is sufficient enough. When you have your triangle shape, wield your sword. The blade should face the ground, and at the top should be a somewhat flat surface, part of the triangle.
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    Feel the weight of your sword, if it feels heavy take off some more material until it is the ideal weight. I prefer to have the balance point of the sword about 5 inches (12.7 cm) down the blade from the handle, you might have a different preference. Work on your sword until you liked the shape and weight and feel of it.
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    When you have the perfect sword shape, sand your blade using sandpaper .
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    To make your sword more stylish, you may wrap the handle with electric tape. This also makes the sword handle more comfortable.
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    If you wish to add a guard, take a file and file down the blade near the handle so the blade stays the same thickness up until the handle, then the handle just pops out. Take a flat piece of material (wood or plastic will do) and cut into the shape you want, I prefer circles. Then make a hole in the wood and expand it to fit on your sword, this part takes a very long time.
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    Once the guard slides up perfectly to the handle, slide it up on the sword. On the blade side of the guard, put a thick layer of duct tape so it won't slide off.
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    For the scabbard (sheath) take the bark and wrap it around your sword blade. Cut it off at correct length. Use duct tape to close it shut.
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    Make any other modifications you wish, and good luck making your sword.


  • Don't rush, and do each step carefully.
  • You may also find that some good,high-quality liquid tape will provide a suitable handle and may help seal cracks and rough edges on the handle
  • IF YOUR SWORD BREAKS OR CRACKS: immediately stop use. Wrap the broken/cracked part of the blade with duct tape, going a few inches past the broken part in both directions. Cover the duct tape with white masking tape. Your sword will most likely crack or break (this is very common) if used in combat.
  • Try very hard.
  • A bicycle handlebar grip can also be used as the grip.
  • You can skip the sharpening part for a good but less dangerous sword.
  • You can also buy swords like this at
  • For a sheath you also use just a regular bag or sew one of a sleeve from a long sleeve shirt.
  • You can also paint your sword whatever colour you want.


  • If fighting with swords, be very careful: Though this is a wooden sword, it can still injure somebody.It is a weapon and not to be taken lightly.
  • They are NOT toys so don't spar with someone of higher skill and who will attempt to injure you,but most of all be careful when wielding around breakable objects such as;windows,vases,glass in general,etc.
  • Also you should always practice before and after fighting. If you spar with someone of higher skill than you, make sure to be on guard and be careful.
  • As a general rule, don't swing the sword at anything you don't want to destroy.
  • Hand tools are dangerous, so use caution when using a knife or anything else.

Things You'll Need

  • Stick, hard wood, or a 2 by 4
  • Knife
  • Possibly a Saw
  • Sandpaper (optional, however recommended)
  • Electric tape (optional)
  • Duct tape
  • A 2*2 piece of wood will work
  • Liquid tape(optional)

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