How to Make a Twig Jewelry Holder

Three Parts:Selecting the frame and twigsAssembling the twig jewelry holderAdding the jewelry

If you have an old frame, it can be turned into a very charming and rustic jewelry holder, just by adding some perfect twigs. This project is simple to make and won't take much time. The end result will allow you to place your favorite pieces of jewelry on display.

Part 1
Selecting the frame and twigs

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    Find an old picture frame. Choose one that you're not going to use for images anymore. The frame should still be in reasonable to good condition and be pleasing to look at. If it needs a clean up, do so now and ensure that it is properly dry before beginning the project.
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    Select some twigs. The twigs will need to fit the frame easily and be sturdy in nature. Try to find ones that will fit together nicely when arranged inside the frame; in most cases, you'll likely need to make adjustments for good fit.
    • Know how you would like the twigs to fit the frame before proceeding with the project. Do some test display designs and settle on the one that pleases you most.
    • Be sure to leave adequate space for hanging necklaces, earrings, etc. This is supposed to be functional, not twig art!

Part 2
Assembling the twig jewelry holder

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    Hot glue the first twig on the rectangular frame. Place glue at the base of the twig and here and there on any sides that touch the frame. Also place glue on any part of the twig that touches the top of the frame.
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    Continuing adding the twigs according to your pre-worked out design. You may need to make further adjustments as you go.
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    Finish off the frame. You can leave the frame natural or paint it a color that suits your d├ęcor. Choose whichever approach you prefer. Add a hook or similar to allow you to hang the frame up with ease.
    • Consider using varnish if you leave the frame and twigs natural. The varnish will bring out the best in the colors and protect the items for longer from dust build-up, etc. Varnish can make it easier to dust the holder too.

Part 3
Adding the jewelry

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    Hang your jewelry pieces and accessories on the chic twig hanger.
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    Finished. This image shows a painted version, just for a different option.

Things You'll Need

  • Picture frame
  • Cleaning gear (optional)
  • Suitable length twigs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint and/or varnish to finish
  • Scissors (optional, can be helpful for trimming the twigs)

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