How to Make a Towel Angel

If you wish to give household cleaning items such as dish cloths and tea towels as a gift, with just a couple of these items and a few pieces of ribbon, you can easily create adorable Towel Angels to liven up a somewhat utilitarian gift. If you want to give hand towels and bath sponges at a shower or give a practical housewarming gifts or give anniversary or birthday party favors, these Towel Angels are ideal. Read on from step one to start creating Towel Angels.


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    Prepare the items you'll need to complete your angel. Note: The nylon pot scrubber is missing in the photo. You could also use a small oval decorative soap for the face.
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    Lay kitchen/hand towel flat and fold into 8 equal sides. Make sure both sides fold so the finished end is at the back. Pressing as you go helps.
    • This is how it should look when done.
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    Roll facecloth and tie ends as shown.
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    Cut a long (about 18", better too much, than not enough) piece of curling ribbon, thread through the plastic hook (optional).
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    Lay the rolled face cloth on top of the potholder and gather with ribbon as shown. Tie ribbon tightly. Do not cut ribbon.
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    Wrap folded kitchen or hand towel around nylon pot scrubber (or small oval soap) to form the face. Note how the finished edges of the towel are facing to the back.
    • You now have your angel's body and wings complete. Put them together!
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    Place the body on top of the wings as shown. Center of wings should line up with the 'nape of the neck' section of the 'body'.
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    Using the ribbon from the 'wings', bring each end around to the front. Adjust the 'head' and 'body' until you are satisfied. Tie securely with a double knot, creating the 'neck'.
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    Pull ends of facecloth together, adjusting as necessary, and tie all ribbons together to form clasped hands.
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    Once all ribbons are tied securely, curl and trim ribbon to your liking.
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    Substitute nylon backed dish cloths for the potholders on your angels if you wish. Add candy canes to the arms of your angels if you're making them as Christmas gifts.


  • Save the plastic hooks that are used to hang the towels (and many other things) on the store display racks. You can thread the ribbon through the hole before tying the wings (potholder) to the arms (rolled facecloth). This gives the option of hanging the angel.
  • Use themed or colored towels to suit the occasion. If making these for Christmas gifts, use some Christmas themed towels.
  • Use yarn or whatever you choose to make your angel, then decorate neck and wrists with fancy ribbon. Add some clothes pegs if you think it'll help.
  • Add beads to make bracelets or necklaces for the angels. Be careful that these items are not treated as toys if you add anything that could be a choking hazard to babies or toddlers
  • Make a sign or card and attach to wrists with ribbon or yarn.
  • Use a steam iron to press folds into the towels. You could also use rubber bands or place something heavy on the folded towels to set the creases. Or, if you choose, no folds at all!

Things You'll Need

  • Kitchen dish towel or bath hand towel
  • Face towel
  • Potholder (square or rectangular. not mitt style)
  • Nylon pot scrubber
  • Curling ribbon
  • Plastic display hook (see Options section)

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