How to Make a Teacher Stop Hating You

Three Methods:Resolving Existing Issues With Your TeacherBeing a Good StudentBuilding a Relationship With Your Teacher

School can be difficult if you have a teacher that seems to hate you. Often times, teachers don't actually hate you, but have unresolved issues with you that need to be fixed. If you're willing to change your behavior, have honest discussions with your teacher, and apply yourself in school, your relationship with your teacher will begin to improve.

Method 1
Resolving Existing Issues With Your Teacher

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    Evaluate your actions. Do you talk back to your teacher? Do you distract your other classmates? Are you constantly talking during class or interrupting other students? You should evaluate your own behavior to figure out why your teacher seems to dislike you. If you realize that your actions are making your teacher dislike you, then it's time to make some changes in your behavior.[1]
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    Ask your teacher why they seem to dislike you. If you are unsure why your teacher doesn't like you, ask them to have a private conversation with you. Don't actually ask "Why do you hate me?" Instead, you should express to your teacher that you'd like to do well in their class, and ask them what you can do to improve as a student. Prove to your teacher that you're a serious student and that you respect them. This may lead to your teacher respecting you back.
    • A few phrases you can say are:
      • "Passing this class is important to me, and I'd like to know what changes I need to make in order to make that happen."
      • "I'd really like to improve my relationship to you, because I feel like I can learn a lot from you and this class. Please let me know what I can do to make that happen."[2]
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    Apologize for your wrongdoings. A genuine apology will go a long way with your teacher. When you apologize, you need to do two things. First of all, you need to acknowledge your wrongdoings and the negative impact that your actions have caused. Secondly, you need to show remorse for your actions. You must be genuine with your apology, and make a conscious effort to not make the same mistakes going forward.[3]
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    Talk to your parents or to the principal. If you're feeling bullied, scared, or hurt by your teacher, it is important that you talk to the principal or to your parents. It is never okay for a teacher to bully a student, so you should seek help if you can't fix your relationship with your teacher on your own. If you believe your teacher is being inappropriate, talk to someone about it immediately.

Method 2
Being a Good Student

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    Don't cause disruptions during class. Good students never cause disruptions or distractions during class, so be aware of your behavior. Don't talk to other students while class is in session, don't interrupt your fellow students or your teacher while they are talking, don't use your cellphone in class, don't curse or talk back to your teacher, and don't speak without raising your hand.
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    Put effort into your schoolwork. If your teacher can tell that you are not putting any effort into your homework or class assignments, they won't be very impressed with you. Teachers like students who study for tests, turn in their homework assignments, and participate in group projects. If you're having trouble with your schoolwork, approach your teacher and ask them for help. If your teacher sees that you're trying, they'll usually appreciate your effort.[4]
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    Go above and beyond to participate in class. Teachers appreciate students who genuinely enjoy learning and helping in the classroom. Always volunteer during class, offer to arrive early or stay late to help prepare a lesson or clean up the classroom, and ask your teacher if there are any extracurricular activities for you to get involved in. If you improve as a student, your relationship with your teacher should improve as well.[5]

Method 3
Building a Relationship With Your Teacher

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    Get to know your teacher. You might see your teacher as only being a teacher, but keep in mind that they have a life of their own. Your teacher may be going through problems in their personal life, be stressed out from bad students, or be tired from working so much. Don't be too hard on your teacher and remember that they are a person too. Ask your teacher about their weekend, or what their favorite movies are. They'll appreciate you making an effort to learn more about them.[6]
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    Don't give your teacher a reason not to like you. You and your teacher don't have to be best friends, but you should be able to work together in a stress-free environment. Don't be a nuisance or give your teacher a hard time, and they'll most likely stop giving you a hard time. If you focus on your schoolwork and treat your teacher with respect, they should have no reason to dislike you.[7]
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    Speak to your teacher respectfully. If your teacher seems to dislike you, it may be difficult for you to treat them with respect. However, if you're able to be respectful with your teacher while discussing schoolwork or personal issues, they may start to develop a mutual respect for you. When issues arise in the future, talk to your teacher respectfully, and in private, to hopefully resolve the issue.

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