How to Make a Star to Hang on the Tree

This is a cute arts & crafts decoration that the family can enjoy making together... and enjoy viewing on the tree together.


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    Bend the pipe cleaners in half, then again into quarters.
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    Make loops out of each quarter of the pipe cleaners to create figures of eight shapes.
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    Cut a long piece of silver cord and tie the ends together to make a loop.
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    Place the middle of the loop of cord in the centre of the bent pipe cleaners and tie them all together with some more silver cord.
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    Trim off the excess cord and position the loops into a star shape.


  • Use different colors of pipe cleaners or make multiple ones for additional gifts.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • Silver cord
  • Scissors

Sources and Citations

  • VideoJug - Original source of information, shared with permission

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