How to Make a Star Garland

This incredibly easy garland is a perfect decoration for parties, Christmas trees, classroom or office décor or any other occasion calling for stars. Best of all, you can input lots of imagination or hardly any, and still end up with a pretty result.


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    Draw a basic star shape onto a piece of card as the template. Keep the star shape simple. You might want to use the template provided here to trace around; resize as needed.
    • The stars can be all one size or varying sizes, big or small, it's up to you to decide what final look you want for the garland. In some cases, you might like to make the stars large enough to write names or messages on them, especially for recognition purposes.
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    Using the template, draw as many stars as you wish to make on the remaining cardstock.
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    Cut out the stars. Then punch a small hole in the center of each star. Use either a hole puncher or simply push a sharp point of a pen, pencil or similar object through it.
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    Decorate. If you are going to decorate the stars, do it here. Draw, paint, write, add glitter, glue on feathers, etc. Do whatever you like. Also realize that it's perfectly fine to do absolutely nothing by way of decoration––the stars will have a rustic, simple quality if you don't do anything to them.
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    Thread the string, ribbon or yarn length through the center holes of each star. Adjust all the stars to sit evenly across the string. The length of the string should be determined by where you're hanging or draping it, and the amount of stars being added to it.
    • If you are creating a size pattern, such as two small stars, one big star, etc., be sure to follow your pattern with care; it's harder to take off errors than to get them on in the correct order in the first place.
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    Tie loop knots at each end of the string to aid hanging. Then hang the star garland wherever it's needed. Some ideas for using it include:
    • Drape over a Christmas tree
    • Hang across an office or classroom ceiling
    • Dangle over a stair banister
    • Pin up across a whiteboard or wall space
    • Hang over a curtain rod or across window space
    • Adorn a table setting with it.
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Things You'll Need

  • cardstock, any color you like; use white or plain, light colors if you wish to decorate the stars
  • Pencil or marker
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • String, ribbon or yarn

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