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A Squidoo lens is essentially a web page that shares your personal perspective on whatever topic you wish to share with the world. Squidoo provides publishing tools that enable you to organize topics and make money from commissions on advertising & items related to the topic. Squidoo lenses are simple to create, even if you don't have knowledge about programming and publishing.


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    Sign up for an account. Go to Click the "Sign Up Now" button to make a Squidoo lens. You will be asked to give your email address, and to create a user name and password.
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    Create a title, a topic and tags. Your title should be succinct, short and memorable. Select a topic from the menu that best reflects your lens focus. For example, a dog training lens should have "Pets and Animals" as the topic. Choose tags to help people find you more easily. In a dog training Squidoo lens you might want tags such as "dog training" and "dog obedience."
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    Build your lens. After clicking on the "Build my lens" button, you will be taken to your Dashboard, where you can complete your Squidoo lens. You can watch the video tour for tips, but Squidoo says the best way to make a lens is to "poke around on your own."
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    Begin constructing your Squidoo lens by choosing a lens theme. Look for the "Themes" option on the upper right side of the page. Select a layout and color scheme.
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    Make a lens biography. Write a few lines to tell visitors about yourself and your interests to set the tone of your new Squidoo lens. Upload a photograph to use as your avatar.
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    Pick your modules. When you make a Squidoo lens, you will build areas within your lens that perform specific functions. These are known as modules. For example, an Amazon module can show your favorite books, music and movies that relate to your topic. A text module is an area where you freely type your thoughts and what your lens is about.
    • Sort modules by dragging them up or down in the module selection box.
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    Select Royalty Settings. Designate how much, if any, commissions you want to donate to charity. There are many different charities you can sponsor when you make money on Squidoo from revenue sources such as advertising commissions.
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    Populate your Squidoo lens modules with your topic knowledge and Squidoo ideas. The top left is where you will find the Introduction, Contents and Discovery tool. You can populate this tool in 3 steps:
    • Write a succinct, 1 sentence title that gives readers a succinct description of your topic. This title serves as a subtitle for your lens.
    • Describe your topic in more detail in the Lens Description area. You may break up the text with paragraphs. Give readers enough of a narrative to keep them interested in discovering more about your topic.
    • Upload a photograph that visually describes and relates to your lens topic. A square-shaped image works best.
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    Edit your modules. All the modules you selected are listed below the Introduction, Contents and Discovery tool on the left side of the page. Finish making your Squidoo lens by following the prompts for each module. For example, in your Text module, you can type whatever comes to your mind about the topic. In your Amazon module you can select items that relate to your topic. If you select a YouTube module, you can look for movies that relate to your topic.
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    Hit "Publish" to make your Squidoo lens appear live on the Internet.

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