How to Make a Spy Club Contract

Two Methods:Making a ContractContract Form

Does your kid's spy club want to take membership to the next level? If so, ask the other kids to sign a contract. Everyone will know a little more about your spies in the kids spy club. Read on to know how!

Method 1
Making a Contract

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    Get a paper with lines.
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    Set up the contract like you see above:

Method 2
Contract Form

 SPY CONTRACT FULL NAME: _______________________________________________________, CODE NAME: __________________________, BIRTH DATE:__/__/____, POSITION:______________________, ARE YOU QUIET (CIRCLE ONE) yes no ARE YOU SNEAKY? (CIRCLE ONE) yes no ARE YOU GOOD AT SPYING ON PEOPLE (CIRCLE ONE) yes no CAN YOU KEEP SECRETS (NOT EVEN TELLING YOUR FAMILY) (CIRCLE ONE) yes no 


  • You can add more things.
  • If you're not sure your spies are really telling the truth, ask their parents but if they ask why just say "Oh just wondering" or "I'm starting a friendship club and your child has to sign a contract."

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen

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