How to Make a Snow White or Mary Margaret Costume

Snow White. A common fairytale we all love. A favorite on the show Once Upon a Time, as well as her counterpart Mary Margaret. This How-To explains ways on how to go as Snow White and how to go as Mary Margaret. Mix and match to your liking to have a more original look.


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    Hair. Mary Margaret's hair is too short to do anything with, so if you have hair similar to her, just keep it groomed and neat, maybe with your bangs to one side for a more authentic look. Snow White's hair is beautifully long and slightly curly, unless she curls it another way, similar to the way she curled it at the beginning of Heart of Darkness. Both have ebony black hair, but if you have light hair it will be fine as well. If you want a true Snow White/Mary Margaret look, there's always an option of hair dye.
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    Makeup. Both Mary Margaret and Snow White wear light, clean, natural makeup. Go for an eyeshadow that matches your skin color or is close, as well as rosy blush for those with fair skin or a color that compliments your skin tone for those with darker color, but will still give you a rosy glow. Also, Snow White has blood/rose red lips, so any shade of red that is bold but flattering for your skin color should work. Mary Margaret, however, wears a pretty pink color, and like Snow White, any shade that works for you will work for everyone else.
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    Clothes. Snow White wears elegant dress of blue and yellow, with a red cape. Anything tomboyish and grungy can work for Thief Snow White, as well as a green and white patterned cape in a light fabric. Mary Margaret wears girly and floral patterns, commonly cardigans buttoned to the top, pastel colored blouses, and neat skirts, with white, black, or pastel colored flats or heels. Anything in this category fits.
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    Nails. Snow White and Mary Margaret both have similar nail designs; anything from pale pink to French manicure works. Just keep them filed to a reasonable length.
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    Jewelry. Snow isn't one to wear jewelry, except the ring Prince James gave her which Mary Margaret also has in the real world. Other than that, all you will need is a simple necklace for Mary Margaret.
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    Accessories. For Snow White, a simple basket of fake apples should work, and any other Snow White things. For Mary Margaret, a regular purse in a light color (maybe with an apple keychain or design?) with your regular everyday stuff in it. Or a bag to use to carry apples?


  • Eat an apple a day. It's saying bye bye to Doc (doctor, not the dwarf) and its very Snow White like.
  • Be kind! Both Snow White and Mary Margaret are sweet and gentle.
  • Maybe convince your friends to go as Regina/Evil Queen or Ruby/Red Riding Hood.
  • If you have long hair, you can put it in a bun.
  • Don't use foundation. Use a tinted moisturizer, instead. Also, use a good sunscreen, concealer, and powder to set that are a few shades lighter than your skin tone.

Things You'll Need

  • Black Hair Dye (optional)
  • Natural Powder Eyeshadow
  • Rosy Pink/Skin Tone Blush
  • Red/Pink/Natural Lipstick
  • White Dresses or Grungy Clothes/Girly, Floral Patterns
  • Light Colored/White Nail Polish
  • French Mani Strips
  • Nail File
  • Ring
  • Simple Necklace (optional for Mary Margaret)
  • Basket/Purse of Fake Apples
  • Regular, Everyday Stuff You Carry Around

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