How to Make a Small Dog a Diva

Dogs like Chihuahua's and Yorkie have been around for a long time. People spoil these breed of dog and you want to, too. But how? Here we are, the tips and steps on how to spoil your pet and make her/him a diva!


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    Buy her plenty of dog clothes. Many pets don't like being dressed up, and some are okay with it. Test out your pet when it comes to dressing them up, before you make it a part of their lives. Make sure the clothing is always their size. We don't want a medium sized dog choking on a small sized Shirt.
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    Buy a cute, fashionable carrier. Make sure the carrier is in girly colors OR neon colors, like pink or neon green. The carrier should have a little leash attached to it on the inside, something to hook your diva's collar to.
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    Groom her regularly. If you want a pro to do it, look for a dog groomer that should be perfect when it comes to how you want her to look. If it's a Chihuahua or a Yorkie, just a few brushes and a bow or two is all needed for your dog to look stylish.
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    Call your dog by her real name. It's very confusing when your dog is named something but you keep giving her nicknames. For example, let's say your dog is named Lydia but you keep calling her cupcake, baby, princess, etc. Simply call her Lydia!
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    Get her a big dog bed that nice and cozy. A spoiled princess needs her room! Make sure you put some of her favorite fluffy toys in the bed so she'll feel protected. Remember, although your dog is a diva, she is also a DOG. Dogs need to feel welcome, protected, and loved.
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    Train her well. Nothing is better than a smart dog! Teach her how to sit, stay, and roll over. Then, once she is ready, train her to do something UNIQUE and helpful. Like closing the door when your hands are full of groceries, etc. She doesn't need to know everything in the world. But these are the RECOMMENDED tricks a dog should know to be called smart. So, three basic commands, one unique and helpful command.
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    Feed her the best! Your diva SHOULD be picky on what she eats. But that doesn't mean she gets gourmet food. You should feed her things like Beneful or Blue. It's okay to give her your leftovers every once in a while, but NOT all the time. If she begins to expect it every day, STOP FEEDING HER LEFTOVERS.
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    Take her to the vet regularly! The vet knows how to keep your dog healthy. A diva is not a diva if her health is like a stray dog's health! Make sure she is treated for worms if she has any, and give her all of her shots.
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    Take your dog everywhere with you! Make sure your life is customized to let your dog go with you. For example, your local bank should be dog-friendly. The mall you go to should be dog-friendly. When you go on vacation, your hotel should be dog-friendly. Taking your dog everywhere makes her life full of fun. Being cooped up in the house all day is BORING.
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    OPTIONAL: Take her to a dog show! Nothing is better than winning a dog show! It only makes your pet even fancier if you win an award! Hang it up somewhere where your guests can see it, so that they are JEALOUS and think HIGHLY of your dog!


  • you will be able to tell that your dog doesn't like the outfit by the way she/he puts their head down. So try to find something your animal will love and enjoy showing it off. If they feel good about what they are wearing then they will start acting like a diva. It always works.


  • Spoiled dogs can get ROUGH. They might expect gourmet meals, growl or snap at you if you don't do what they want, and they could be very PROTECTIVE of their bed, toys, and food. If your dog starts to show any of these symptoms, you need to CORRECT these behaviors. If this has stuck to your dog and she refuses, consider other ways to let her know. Maybe being more stern and taking away some diva things will set her straight.

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