How to Make a Sipping Snowman

What's better than hot chocolate? Hot chocolate with marshmallows! What's better than hot chocolate with marshmallows? Hot chocolate with marshmallows—and more chocolate! Kids will have a great time with this yummy sugary snowman treat while they chase off the chill of building a real snow man! Here's how to make it:


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    Build the snowman. Slide the first marshmallow onto the straw, and push it about halfway down the straw
    • Slide two more marshmallows onto the straw for the torso and head of the snowman.
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    Add dabs of icing where you want to put the eyes, mouth, nose, and buttons.
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    Add buttons and eyes. Press the mini chocolate chips onto the white icing dots.
    • The completed "snow man".
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    Serve up the snowman straws. Place the snowman straw on a plate so everybody can grab their favorite one. Put the straw into the hot cocoa (warm cocoa, if serving young children). They might just eat the snowman before it ever reaches the hot chocolate!
    • If you wish to present the snowman already in the hot chocolate, make the snowman so that he sits at the top end of the straw and the base of the straw sits in the hot chocolate. Otherwise, he'll pull a Frosty, and melt right in front of you!
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  • If you have any candy corn left over from Halloween, it will make a great "carrot" nose!
  • If you'd like to add arms, simply insert a licorice string or twist into the second marshmallow. Or, use any other candy that you think is appropriate.
  • If you have no icing to glue on buttons or eyes, no worries. Get a toothpick, and dig out holes in the marshmallow where the eyes and buttons will go. As anybody who's ever had melted marshmallow in their hair knows, marshmallows make excellent glue!
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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic straws
  • Plates

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