How to Make a Simple Smoke Bomb

Two Methods:Making an Egg BombMaking a Napkin Bomb

Most types of smoke bombs are difficult and dangerous to make. This guide will show you how to make a safe and easy alternative appropriate for all ages. Whether you’re playing a prank or pretending to be a ninja, these smoke bombs are a lot of fun!

Method 1
Making an Egg Bomb

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    Poke a small hole on either end of an egg. You can use any small, pointed object, such as a toothpick or a pin. Make the hole wide enough that liquid inside the egg can flow out but not big enough that the egg cracks. Be sure to do this over a bowl or cup to avoid making a mess!
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    Stick your toothpick or pin deep inside the egg through one of the holes to pierce the yolk. Wiggle your toothpick or pin gently from side to side. Make sure your toothpick or pin is long enough that it reaches at least halfway inside the egg. You may need to repeat this step if you have trouble getting all of the egg out of its shell. If you get any of the liquid on your hands, do not touch your clothing or near your mouth. Raw egg can carry bacteria called Salmonella that can make you very sick.[1]
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    Blow into one hole to gently force the liquid out of the egg. It is generally best to blow on the more pointed end of the egg. Try to get as much of the egg’s contents out as you can. Be careful not to let your lips actually touch the shell! Under no circumstances should you attempt to suck the egg out. Remember that raw egg can make you sick![2]
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    Rinse out the now empty eggshell and let it sit to air dry. If you are gentle enough, you can hold the eggshell under a faucet and allow water to flow through the shell. However, an easier alternative is to hold the eggshell in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Be sure to wash your hands and disinfect anything the raw egg may have touched!
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    Tape one end of the eggshell shut. The next step will be easier if you tape the bottom. Any type of tape you happen to have should be fine. Don’t use too much tape or your smoke bomb won’t explode properly!
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    Roll a sheet of paper into a funnel and stick it into the eggshell’s remaining hole. You may need to widen the hole for the funnel to fit. If so, use the same tool you used to make the hole to gently chip a little more shell away. Be very careful not to crack the egg!
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    Pour the filling into the egg with the funnel and tape the remaining hole shut. You have a few relatively safe choices for your filling. The easiest is plain white flour or talcum (“baby”) powder. You can also make more colorful smoke bombs using dyed flour or crushed sidewalk chalk.[3] If you have trouble with this step, ask someone to hold the egg upright for you while you hold the funnel and pour.
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    Throw your egg bomb onto a hard surface! The harder you throw, the bigger your smoke cloud will be. If you don’t want to use your smoke bomb right away, it can be stored for later use. The carton your eggs came in can be a convenient container!

Method 2
Making a Napkin Bomb

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    Wet a paper napkin and unfold it onto a table. Don’t use so much water that the napkin is soggy or falling apart. If you don’t have any napkins, you can use a paper towel instead. Make sure that the paper towel is big enough and all one sheet (no perforations).
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    Pile about one cup of your chosen filling onto the center of the paper towel. As with the egg method, you can use flour or talcum powder for white smoke. Or you can make colorful smoke by either dyeing the flour or mixing crushed sidewalk chalk into the baby powder.[4] Be aware that these more colorful methods may leave a stain!
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    Pull up the four corners of the napkin and twist them together so that your bomb is now shaped like a cherry. Be very gentle with this step! Make sure there are no tears on the payload end of the bomb. There is no need to let the napkin dry, as a moist napkin is easier to tear through. Just be careful it doesn’t “explode” prematurely!
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    Throw your napkin bomb onto a hard surface! Just like the egg bombs, the harder you throw your napkin bomb the bigger your smoke cloud will be. Unlike egg bombs, napkin bombs are meant for immediate use. If you try to store a napkin bomb, the twisted end will most likely come apart and your filling will get everywhere.


  • Avoid breathing in flour or talcum powder.
  • Do not throw your smoke bomb near anyone’s face. Although mostly safe, your “smoke” can trigger serious respiratory symptoms in people with asthma.[5]
  • These smoke bombs will make a mess. Be sure to clean up after yourself!
  • Don't do it too much as it may cause pollution.

Things You’ll Need

  • Eggs
  • A toothpick or a pin
  • A bowl
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Flour or talcum powder
  • Paper napkins
  • Optional: Food dye or crushed colored sidewalk chalk

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