How to Make a Simple Bong

Three Parts:Preparing To Build Your Water PipeBuilding A Water PipeBuilding Other Pipe Styles

A bong, or water pipe, is a device that is used to cool down what would otherwise be hot or harsh smoke.[1] Many of these water pipes are available at specialty smoke shops. However, there may be a time when you want to make a water pipe for yourself. The design of a water pipe is a simple one and they can generally be made from items you may already have around your home. Learn how to build your own water pipe and enjoy your favorite legal smoking substance.

Part 1
Preparing To Build Your Water Pipe

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    Learn the basic structure of a water pipe. Although certain forms and functions of water pipes may vary from model to model, many share common characteristics. Learning these commonalities can you help you better understand the process as you work to build your own water pipe. Review the following three main features of a water pipe:[2]
    • Chamber
    • Carburetor
    • Stem and Bowl
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    Find the right chamber. Search for a suitable chamber for your water pipe. The chamber of the water pipe will hold the smoke and water within it and it is the central piece to your pipe. You can use a wide range of materials and objects that you might already have available to you. [3]
    • It is possible to use plastic soda or water bottles for an easy to find chamber.
    • Old glass bottles can be re-purposed to build a chamber for your water pipe.
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    Prepare your stem. Finding materials to use for your stem may prove more difficult than finding materials for your main chamber. Buying a stem from a specialty shop is the easiest way to obtain this element. However, you may still be able to find or buy your own materials and create a stem for yourself.[4]
    • A length of copper pipe can be used to make the stem of your water pipe.
    • Brass fittings can be glued or otherwise affixed to the stem to create a bowl.
    • If you don't have a smoke shop nearby or any suitable items around your house, try visiting a hardware store.
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    Build a bowl for your pipe. The bowl is the piece of your water pipe that will hold whatever legal substance you decide to smoke. Most store bought bowls will be made out of glass which can be difficult to make at home unless you've had previous experience. However, there are other methods and materials that you can make use of around your home to build your bowl.[5]
    • Aluminum foil can be used as a bowl, bending it into shape and poking many small holes into the bottom of it with a pin.
    • You can try making a stem and bowl combination out of certain metal doorstops as well. Remove the door stop from the wall and take off the rubber stopper to create your stem and bowl.

Part 2
Building A Water Pipe

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    Create a hole for the stem. Once you have selected your chamber you will need to create a hole for the stem. Pay careful attention to exactly where you place this hole and the angle of it, as this will affect how your stem fits. Depending on the material you have selected for your chamber the tool you will use to make this hole will vary.[6]
    • Make this hole on the side of your chamber, at about half the length of the chamber.
    • Create this hole at an angle that will allow the stem to reach the bottom of the chamber.
    • A plastic chamber can be punctured with a pair of scissors.
    • Metal and glass chambers may need a power drill to make the hole for the stem.
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    Insert and seal the stem. After creating a hole for your stem you will now need to insert the stem through and into the chamber. The stem should pass through the side wall of your chamber, reaching down at an angle to touch the bottom of the chamber. Once inserted you will seal your stem in place to prevent any spots where air or smoke might leak through.[7]
    • Apply silicone around the area where the stem meets the chamber to create a seal.
    • You can also insert a rubber grommet into your stem hole before inserting your stem through it.
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    Create the carburetor. A carburetor is usually a small hole on the side of a water pipe that can help you control the amount of smoke in the main chamber. Creating a small hole for your carburetor can help you get the most out of your homemade water pipe.[8]
    • The carburetor should be made on the opposite side of the stem.
    • Carburetors are usually found slightly below the point where the stem enters the chamber.
    • The size of your carburetor should be just big enough to cover it with your thumb.
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    Add water. The purpose of water in a water pipe is to cool the temperate of smoke down before it is inhaled. The smoke is drawn in and down through the stem, passing through the water before going up the main chamber. Add water to your pipe to create a more comfortable temperature smoke when in use.
    • Water should go directly into the main body of the chamber.
    • Add enough water to cover most of the stem inside the chamber.
    • Don't overfill with water as it may spill out of the carburetor or rise up the stem.

Part 3
Building Other Pipe Styles

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    Make an apple pipe. Apple pipes can be a quick and easy pipe to make if you find yourself without your usual smoking equipment. To build an apple pipe all you will need is an apple, a pen, aluminum foil and a knife.[9]
    • Core out the center of the apple to make an inner chamber.
    • Take apart the pen and use only the empty pen tube. Push the pen tube into the apple's side until it enters the cored out chamber you've made.
    • Make an aluminum bowl over the top hole you have created. Shape a piece of aluminum into the form you need and punch multiple holes into it with a pin to create the bowl.
    • Add your smoking material to the bowl, light it, and inhale through the pen.
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    Create a gravity pipe. Gravity pipes work by using mechanical action to pull smoke from your combustible substance, instead of using your lungs. Once smoke has filled the chamber the bowl is removed, allowing you to inhale the smoke. All you will need is a plastic two liter soda bottle, scissors, and something to make a bowl such as aluminum foil.[10]
    • Cut the two liter bottle in half. Insert the lower section inside of the top section and push the top section down until it touches meets the bottom of the lower section.
    • Make sure the two halves fit tightly to create an air tight seal.
    • Create your aluminum bowl by molding the aluminum into a shape that fits the top opening of the soda bottle. Make sure to punch small holes into your bowl with a pin.
    • Add your smoking material to the bowl and light it. As it burns, pull the top half of the bottle upwards, drawing the smoke into the inner chamber.
    • Take away the bowl and inhale the smoke that has collected inside your gravity pipe.
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    Build a waterfall pipe. A waterfall pipe works similarly to a gravity pipe. However, instead of pulling the smoke into the chamber manually, the flow of water from the main chamber will create the smoke. All you need to get started is a plastic two liter soda bottle, something to make a hole in the bottle, and aluminum to create a bowl.[11]
    • Punch a hole near the bottom of your soda bottle. It should be big enough to cover with a finger and hold the water in the chamber until you are ready to let it flow out.
    • Build a bowl using your aluminum foil. Form the aluminum into a shape that fits the top spout of the bottle and punch holes into it with a pin.
    • Fill the bottle up with water, making sure the hole is plugged up completely.
    • Place your bowl on top of the waterfall pipe and light your smoking material.
    • Unplug the lower hole, allowing the water to flow out and draw in the smoke.
    • Remove your bowl and inhale the smoke that is now in the chamber.


  • Always be aware of the law when it comes to “drug paraphernalia”[12]
  • In many places it is illegal to use your water pipe with anything other than tobacco or other legal substances.
  • PVC pipes are toxic when burned. Avoid using them to build your water pipe.[13]
  • Always use proper safety techniques and equipment when using power tools or cutting instruments.

Things You'll Need

  • A main chamber
  • A stem and bowl
  • A tool to punch or cut holes in your chamber
  • Something to seal your stem in place such as silicone or a grommet
  • Water

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