How to Make a Silk Flower Basket Arrangement

This is a simple flower arrangement that uses silk flowers, and if you wish, includes fresh flowers. The flowers are arranged in a basket, which you can prettify with ribbon, shells, lace, etc., if desired.


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    Select the basket for your arrangement. The basket should be large or small enough to accommodate the amount of flowers you'll be using. Consider what the end use will be for the floral arrangement in a basket -- for example, if it is for a patient in a hospital, use a small basket so as to be considerate of space. If for someone's home, you can be more generous with the basket size. The basket can be decorated. For example, you could spray paint it a desired color and glue on beads, shells, lace, etc., to make the basket prettier.
    • If also using fresh flowers, select the glass vials or test tubes. These can be clear glass or colored glass, according to your preference.
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    Select the flowers. Choose your desired type or types of silk flowers, which can be purchased from a florist or a craft shop. These silk flowers can form the bulk of the arrangement and can be accompanied by fresh flowers in glass vials or test tubes, also available from florists or craft stores. Adding fresh flowers can make this extra special, and the silk flowers are a nice reminder once the fresh flowers cease being fresh.
    • If using fresh flowers, thin down the foliage and cut the stem at a diagonal angle. Let the flowers soak in a solution of lukewarm water to which you've added some watered down tea, baby bio and 1/2 a tablet of crushed paracetamol. The fresh flowers will drink this up and it helps them to last longer. Cut the stems short.
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    Arrange the fresh flowers in the glass vials or test tubes. Add a little water. When filled, put aside standing upright, ready for use.
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    Arrange the silk flowers in the basket. Place a foam oasis block in the base, and glue in place to prevent it from sliding or moving. Then stick the stems into this. Fan them out to fill up the basket. Once this is done, you can arrange the glass vials with fresh flowers across the front of the basket, inserting them into the oasis, in front of the silk flower arrangement.
    • If you would rather put the glass vials/test tubes in a different arrangement in the basket, that is fine. They could be placed in different areas of the basket, at different angles, etc., provided they show the fresh flowers at their best. You can build up the theme in any way you'd like.
  5. 5
    Finish up the basket. Use ribbon or lace to beautify the basket. You can also use any novelty items to decorate the basket, as desired. For example, if it is the holiday season, you could add some holly and tinsel, wrapping the tinsel around the basket's handle.
  6. 6
    Add a tag for the recipient. The basket is now ready to give. Or, just place it on display without a tag.


  • You could use coloured bottles rather than a basket. Add coloured beads or marbles into the base of the bottle, as this adds interest to the arrangement.
  • Use your imagination when creating the basket arrangement, the suggestions here are just one way of approaching the design.
  • You could add a stuffed toy or another item if you'd like.
  • A nice beach theme would include gluing shells on the sides of the basket and adding sand to little colored bottles before adding flowers to the bottles, then arranging the bottles in the basket. The shells can be varnished.

Things You'll Need

  • Basket of a suitable size
  • Oasis florist's ball
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors (clean), for snipping fresh stems
  • Flowers (silk and/or fresh)
  • Beads, shells, spray paint, etc., for decorating (optional)
  • Ribbon, lace, etc. for decorating

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