How to Make a Show Car

Want to build a show car? Here is a quick run down on how you can build your own show car. These steps will help point you in the right direction to get you started.


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    Buy yourself a car. Preferably one that does not already require a large amount of work. You don't want to spend all of your time & money on repairing the car.
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    Search the internet to get ideas on what other people may have done to the make of vehicle you bought - if it's a popular make, there should be a few show-cars/modified versions. If its not a common vehicle make, you may need to come up with your own ideas.
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    Some of the following modifications, can make your car a show car. These are not cheap, unless you can do it yourself. Some of these modifications are more ideal to leave for the pros to do, they include:
    • BODY KITS.
      • You can buy these pre-made or have one custom made.
    • PAINT.
      • Although airbrushing & graphics can be cool, it can be over done. Try avoid going over the top, a nice two-tone paint or a nice glossy one colour can score big points.
    • BODY MODS.
      • Mods such as, rolling the guards, adding wings/spoilers, aftermarket side mirrors & lights, just look for nice things that you can add to the body of the car. If you have a common make, there will be a lot out there.
      • Trimming seats/dash/pillars/floors/roof etc can score big points. Adding some colour like painting small plastic bits to suit the exterior colour can be good sometimes.
      • Look for other aftermarket parts like: pedals, shift-knob, steering wheel, and just anything else that is not factory. These items usually very simple to install yourself.
      • Adding lighting can be good, but try make it hidden so people only see the Glow, there is nothing worse than having a bright light in your face.
      • Gauges are only cool, if they have a purpose. E.g Boost gauges for TURBO cars only. I.C.E (In Car Entertainment - TV screens, speakers, cd player, dvd players, ps3 or xbox, custom installs, subwoofers, amps, etc etc. All of these items installed properly and customized, can get you big points! Try keep it all one brand and try not to get to mixed up.
    • ENGINE.
      • The mods you can do will depend on what kind of car you have, and how fast you want it to go. Best to do some major research. See what can be done. Maybe go to some performance car workshops & see what they purpose. The main things that are done to show cars are: turbo setups or superchargers, custom air intake, custom exhaust system & upgraded parts depending what mods you do.
      • Adding some colour & polishing metal parts can also score big on engines & engine bays. Try make it look "bling" and people will love it.
      • Massive wheels on a small car and vice versa can look ridiculous. Try the wheels on before buying, try a few sets and pick your favorite.
      • Suspension & Brakes should be based on what engine mods you have done. You want to go fast, then you have to be able to stop & you want the car to handle good.
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    Make sure what you plan on doing is legal in the State or Country you live in. Some States & Countries have banned certain modifications to save getting in trouble with the police, stick to the Law! Most shops can help you with that.
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    Once the car is finished, take it to your local Car show & start winning those trophies! You may not win any, it depends on how extreme you go but at least you've got a PHAT RIDE! If you do not want to go to shows, at least you can show it off while cruising & picking up chicks!


  • Don't go racing on the streets. Leave it for the tracks.
  • Ensure the mod is legal! I cannot stress that enough.
  • Make sure you do research & make sure what you want to do, can be done to your car. Everything costs money. So always put extra aside as a problem may arise.
  • Don't cut corners. There's nothing worse than rushing a job, missing a few details & little down the track it turns to crap.
  • Get the Pros to do it. If its too hard or technical, get it done professionally.


  • If doing work on the car yourself, make sure you know how to use the tools you will be using.
  • Street Racing is illegal. If you kill or injure someone, you will face time in jail or prison. Fast cars are awesome, but leave it for the tracks.

Things You'll Need

  • All the money you expect to ever make in your lifetime, up front and ready to be burned. This hobby is one of, if not the most expensive you will ever get into.
  • A car.
  • Money & Time.
  • Place to work on it.
  • Knowledge of mechanics,or a professional to do the work for you.

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