How to Make a Sequin Egg

Two Parts:Selecting a designAdding sequins to the egg

A sequin egg is a fun and simple decoration to make for Easter or other special events. You can use a real egg (blown out) or a plastic mold egg.

Part 1
Selecting a design

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    Decide how you want the egg to look. There are various options for creating a sequin egg, and what you choose will depend on what you've got in mind for theme and/or the materials available. Some ideas include:
    • Color: The easiest way to approach color is to keep it all the same color. Or, you could use two matching colors. A little more complicated but amazing to look at is to make a rainbow colored egg.
    • Pattern: Various pattern approaches include using small and large sequins, stripes, a motif such as a bunny or a letter or a cross.

Part 2
Adding sequins to the egg

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    If you're using a specific design, draw this onto the egg as a guide. Use pencil or marker. If you're adding sequins randomly, simply proceed without adding any design.
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    Place a little blob of glue onto the sequin. Press the sequin against the blown-out egg (or plastic egg) and hold in place briefly to set.
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    Continue with the remaining sequins. Cover the entire egg.
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    Done. This simple craft doesn't take a lot of effort before it's ready for display.

Things You'll Need

  • Blown out egg(s) or plastic mold eggs
  • Craft glue (if using plastic eggs, choose a glue suited to plastic)
  • Sequins
  • Pencil or marker if you're drawing a guide

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