How to Make a Scene Bedroom

Scene doesn't need to be defined here, it's already so popular. You probably are scene, or know what it means. So, how would you decorate a scene girl's room? It's pretty easy, so just keep reading to find out how to get a scene room that will leave your friends wanting to come back to your house!


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    Change your room color. If you have a plain white room, you may, or may not, want to try to paint the walls a different color, but for the room your reading about, it should be. Not saying you have to, but you get better results. If your room IS plain white and you can't decide on what color to paint it, go a little crazy! Take some different cans of paint and splash it on the walls to give it a one-of-a-kind look. Try to get it to have the same as your favorite colors.
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    Get new furniture. Alright so, as cool and bright as scene rooms look, you can't just throw a bunch of multi-colored stuff into a room. You can mix-and-match, just don't over-do it. But if you do, it's best to have a plain white room. Also, don't add TOO much stuff or it'll become too crowded to walk around. Be creative, but also know some limits. You can't have an all black colored room and suddenly a yellow chair pops in. But do remember to have fun and try not to cause yourself a load of debt.
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    Add appropriate wall décor. Tape or hang up a bunch of your favorite things on your walls, mirrors, desks, anywhere that'll look cute. But make sure they're not so...disturbing to some people. Put up things that are kind of tacky, if you're an artist, put up a painting. Print out pictures from the internet and put them on your walls. Photographer? Hang up those pics. Go to the Goodwill or thrift store and they always have a spot filled with old 25 cent records. Pick out some cool ones and you can put those on your wall too. Get a subscription to a magazine you are interested in, like Rolling Stone or AP (or just look through old magazines), and cut out interesting things to put on your wall. And ALWAYS have at LEAST ONE poster of your favorite band!
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    Decorate your bed. Every bedroom needs one, so why shouldn't it be allowed to be scene too? For bedspread (blankets, sheets, etc.), try some cute comforters with bold colors or patters, or anything with cartoons. Plush toys, teddy bears, or pillows of characters such as Hello Kitty, Domo, or Spongebob look perfect, so place a few of those on your bed. If it looks like a 5 year old uses your bed, you're heading in the right direction.
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    Set up your own music place! Have a place in your room where you can keep all of your CDs, your iPod, iPod dock, radio, and stereo. Look at this article for examples of scene music, in case you don't already know.
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    Make your room cozy. You may be trying to make your room look scene, but you want to make your room cozy, too. Throw a few beanbag chairs or comfy and cute pillows on the floor for chilling with friends or listening to music. Little details such as a fun lamp, a fluffy carpet, or bold curtains make your room both cozy and scene. Don't forget to throw together at least one extra epic cartoon plushy/pillow, it will make your room look extremely special, especially if the rest is not as 'cartoon-y' as you wanted it to be.
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    Keep your room a little messy. It’s not usually considered scene when your room is squeaky clean, however your bedroom should never be dirty or too messy.


  • Add things that reflect your personality.
  • Pin up some stuff. Cork boards, whiteboards, etc. are a perfect opportunity to show how scene you are. Drawings of random things can make you seem very random, like most scene people.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!
  • Have an open mind, and remember: it’s your room! You can do whatever you want with it!
  • Remember to express yourself in your room, ‘cause that makes a total scene room.
  • Be prepared to get rid of some stuff.
  • It’s all about the free stuff! If you go into record stores, they almost always have free posters and stickers. Don’t actually stick the stickers to your wall -- instead, use sticky tack or a thumbtack.


  • Scene and emo are not the same thing! This article is on how to make a scene room. If you want to make your room look emo, this article will not help you at all.
  • Make sure you don't throw out anything that you're supposed to keep!
  • DO NOT copy other kids rooms! That will make people think that you're a copycat.
  • Don't do anything your parents wouldn't approve of to your room.

Things You'll Need

  • A bedroom!
  • Pillows, beanbags, and comfortable chairs
  • Paint
  • Posters
  • Cork boards, bulletin boards, and/or white boards
  • Music stations!
  • Curtains
  • If you know a friend who is good at interior designing, then take his/her help.

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