How to Make a Rosebud Pomander

Three Methods:Selecting and preparing the rosebudsPreparing the foam ballAdding finishing touches

Pomander refers to a strongly scented and pretty round decoration that is used to sweeten the air around a person or in a room. Originating using oranges, in medieval days pomanders were treated very seriously as a means of warding off the odors in less-than-hygienic times. This rosebud version uses a floral foam ball and rosebuds and will keep for a long time. It makes for a pretty decoration and can be hung in a closet, from the wall or placed a bowl as a centerpiece.

Method 1
Selecting and preparing the rosebuds

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    Choose rosebuds which are as small and closed as possible. All colors are lovely but it is best to stick to one color or to only vary within the same color range, ombre style.
    • The rosebuds should be fresh but not wet before use.
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    Cut the rose stems to short stubs. They should all be at the same even length.
    • Don't cut them too short; they need a little length to spike into the foam ball.

Method 2
Preparing the foam ball

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    Stick cloves in even places all around the floral foam ball. It's entirely up to you whether you make this a random process or conform to a pattern.
    • The cloves do not show at the end. They are inserted to give off their odor.
    • If you intend on hanging the rosebud pomander, you'll need to add the ribbon now. Choose ribbon in a color that matches the rosebuds. Tie it around the middle, then turn around and tie around the middle the other way. Leave a long piece free for hanging; work around this when adding the rosebuds but be sure to cover it well.
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    Begin pressing the rosebuds into the foam ball. Spike the stem ends straight into the foam.
    • Follow neat rows to place the rosebuds. Turn around and around to keep adding them.
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    Keep adding rosebuds until the foam ball is covered in them. You shouldn't be able to see any gaps; adjust as needed. If they are too hard to fill in, simply add more cloves.

Method 3
Adding finishing touches

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    Tie a bow using the paper ribbon. The paper ribbon should either match or complement the rosebud color.
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    Pin this into what will be the "top" of the pomander.
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    Display the finished pomander. The pomander can be placed in a pretty, dainty dish on its own. Or, you can fill a bowl or dish with dried flowers or lavender buds and rest the pomander on this bed of natural items. If you added a hanger, then you can also hang the pomander from a window frame, curtain rod, wardrobe rod or similar places.
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    Completed. The roses and cloves will waft off a lovely scent and the pomander will look pretty. The rosebuds will dry in place. Keep for about a year, after which, you can discard the plant material and reuse the floral foam ball to make a fresh one.

Things You'll Need

  • Dried rosebuds, in color of your choice, as many as it takes to cover the foam ball
  • Floral foam ball (from a florist or craft store); it's recommended that you use a small one when learning
  • Whole cloves
  • Florist's scissors
  • Satin or similar thin ribbon if making a hanging device
  • Paper ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Pins

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