How to Make a Room Easy to Clean

Within every household, there are those intent on meticulous cleaning. Here are a few tips to help minimize the effort it takes to clean a room.


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    Decide to create spaciousness. Clutter takes up a lot of space both physically and mentally.
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    Discard everything you don't use. Be absolutely ruthless. If you haven't used something within the last month, it's just collecting dust. If it's not practical, its not worth having. Do not store things in the back of a closet or in the attic - just get rid of it!
    • Be green. Sell, donate or recycle as much as possible. Before selling or donating, be sure things are clean and free of stains.
    • Donate clothes you haven't worn over the past year. If something doesn't fit now, it probably won't fit in a few months from now.
    • Recycle magazines to friends and family. Keep them no longer than a month.
    • File only the bills and receipts that you will need for future reference. Discard the remainder.
    • Discard old toys, unfinished crafts or leftover craft supplies.
    • Discard useless furniture, tools and appliances.
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    Do a double check. Wait a few days before the final discard. Look through everything once again so as not to regret parting with an item.
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    Store what remains in enclosed containers. This keeps everything free of dust and out of sight.
    • Use storage boxes or decorative containers. Store them under a bed, desk, table, couch or chair.

      • If your storage box is out of sight, it doesn't have to be fancy.
      • If your storage box is within sight, choose a decorative wicker basket with a cover, a trunk, a wooden box or even a wicker hamper with a cover.
      • Store tiny items in ziploc bags before placing them in a container.
    • Store small items in cabinets and drawers. Store clothes, books, dishes, towels, crafts, toys, small appliances or tools.
    • Store larger items in a closet. Hang clothes, place books on the top shelf, store boxes of crafts or toys, folding chairs, etc.
    • Make better use of book shelves. Store a collection of books, special hardbacks and reference books. Discard ratty paperbacks and books you'll never read again. Leave space at the top of the books to make them easy to dust with a feather duster. Stand books up and stack a few books as bookends to hold the others in place. Organize by size, author or subject.
    • Make better use of display cabinets. Display intricate items that would otherwise be difficult to keep free of dust. Display china, figurines, trophies, photographs in picture frames, seashells, dried flower arrangements and other various collections and keepsakes.
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    Give the room a quick clean. Now that the room is free of clutter, this should only entail wiping over the top of the cabinets with a damp cloth, vacuuming the floor and straightening a few things out.
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    Vacuum weekly. Use a hose attachment to vacuum furniture, ceiling fans, window blinds, floorboards, air intake vents and cobwebs. Change the air filters every two months.
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    Periodically wash windows. Use window cleaner or an ammonia and water solution.
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    Open the windows. Treat yourself to some fresh air. Treat your Vitamin D deficiency at the same time with added sunlight.


  • Don't let others make a mess. Insist upon them cleaning up after themselves.
  • Use minimal window treatments. A small valance and mini blinds are sufficient and fashionable. Drapes are more expensive and difficult to clean. Blinds are more adjustable than a pull shade.
  • Use folding, multi-functional furniture to create space. A folding, cushioned lawn chair can be handy for an extra guest or outdoors on the patio. Store it in a closet when not in use.
  • Choose rugs that are easy to clean. A throw rug can be tossed in the washing machine where a larger rug requires vacuuming and shampooing. Or, eliminate rugs altogether.
  • Most discount stores and thrift stores have great storage options at an affordable price.
  • Make yourself clean something every day. Stick to it!
  • Invest in proper tools. Get a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, plenty of vacuum bags, cleaning rags or paper towels, window cleaner, furniture polish, air fresheners, feather duster, etc.
  • Use simple hooks to get everything out of the way. Clean a counter surface once the towels are hung. Place a hook on the back of a door to hang your coat, purse, bathrobe or pajamas. Having more space creates a larger work area.
  • Use your computer for budgeting, paying bills, books, movies, music and other media. Eliminate other devices and appliances.
  • Ask a friend to help you get organized. Sometimes an objective point of view can make the job easier and keep you on task.
  • Have events or parties somewhere other than your own home to prevent extra cleaning.
  • Use simple hooks in the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, cellar and garage. Certain items may be too large or impractical to store within a closet, cabinet or container. Create more floor space by hanging everything on the wall.
  • Cleaning is easy with one storage box, one cabinet or one closet at a time.
  • Limit your purchases to replace something rather than to buy more of the same. The more you have, the more storage area you'll need as well.


  • Don't expect peace in your life just because you have solved this problem. While it is widely recognized that a clean living space is very important for mental and physical well-being, it's important to address the source of the problem that has lead to a messy home, such as low self-esteem, depression, a hectic work schedule and general fatigue.
  • Dust and mold cause allergies and respiratory discomfort.

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