How to Make a Romantic Dinner for a Woman

Guys, do you have a special woman in your life? Well, it’s now your turn to show how much you care about her. One way to make her feel special is to make her dinner. It is always said that a way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well, the same works for women. We have been feeding you for so long, now it’s time for us to eat.. It’s really easy to make a dinner for the both of you to enjoy. Making a homemade meal shows that you took time to plan the meal and took time to make it, so no take out. If you just follow these very easy instructions, your girlfriend or wife will feel that they are truly special to you.


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    Find out her favorite foods or meal and try to put your own spin on it. If she has more than one, find the simplest one, especially for your first time cooking. If she is not picky about her food, then make something like a baked or grilled chicken with steam vegetables, very simple but delicious. Yes it is OK to use a few frozen ingredients, but do not go in the frozen food section and pick a frozen dinner out and try to pass that off as your home cooked meal. She will not be impressed. This will not send the message that you want it to.
    • Carefully follow the instructions in the recipe you have chosen. If it is your first time cooking something, you might want to have a friend come over and help you with the cooking part, if you need it. Make sure they leave before your lady comes home so that you may take all the credit until later on. If you decide to do a dessert, then you should also think about doing something simple and fun like strawberry cheesecake or go out for her favorite ice cream. You might also consider going out for dessert or you can buy a store made one. She will already appreciate the dinner that you made for her so the dessert is just to make the meal complete.
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    Set the table. You could use a tablecloth, do not use plastic please, if you choose to.
    • Place the candles where you would like on the table, probably no more than two. You could also place candles around the house as well. The candles should not be scented because the scent from the candles will take away from the smell of the food.
    • The table setting does not have to be all about etiquette, but make it look nice.
    • Make sure you start the music too so that you could get into the mood as well. Remember not to choose any type of music that is too slow or too uppity. You want something relaxing but with a good beat to it.
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    Make sure that you make yourself look presentable as well. When your lady comes into the house, just stand in the kitchen so that she will be surprised.
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    Be a gentleman. Take all her stuff, put it away, and help her in her seat. Slowly serve the meal while you tell her what you have made. Just sit back and enjoy the smile on her face.

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