How to Make a Road Trip Romantic

When going with that special someone on a road trip, you want to make the most of it and turn up the romance.


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    Plan what sights and travels are going to be. Work out differences or create a balance of preferences; not everyone wishes to go to the same place. Set a number of places, restaurants, hotels, sightseeing places, highways, etc that each person prefers. Make a list and determine your route based on that.
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    Make a CD mix. Deserts, mountains, crossing state borders, and being out of city limits make it impossible to enjoy the radio. Choose songs that are related to your relationship, for example something you heard on a first date, that song during your first kiss, or random songs that remind you guys of memories shared between the two of you.
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    Stop by any scenic points, beaches, or rest stops and enjoy the moment together. Hold each other's hand while walking or cozy up if it's cold.
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    Stop on the side of the road or an upcoming rest stop and watch the sunrise or sunset together. As you are going through different states, take pictures of the two of you with it in the background. Clouds and mountains give the rays a unique cast while shining.
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    Use up any 'silence' to talk and have fun amongst yourselves. Driving for hours on end gets boring after a while, so spice the mood up and use any icebreaker for conversations. Discuss what things you each love most about the other person. Ask random questions like the most romantic place in the world or if money wasn't an object, where would your dream wedding/honeymoon be. Play a game of who can come up with the most "relationship nicknames" to use on the other person, such as "Honey", "Sweetie", and "Darling". The person who gets the last nickname in wins the game.
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  • Shopping at a 24-hour grocery store gives you the opportunity to be playful and silly while getting food in the middle of the night.
  • Always strive for the one bedroom motel rooms for overnight stays. Not only that it's romance, but also cheap. If you are on a money budget, go with the rest stops. There's always truck drivers that stay there overnight, so at least you don't have to worry about strangers.

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