How to Make a Ribbon Hair Bow in Red

Do you only care about the style of hair accessory when you buy a piece? Actually color of hair accessory should be also valued. Different colors can reflect different moods. Here our tutorial gives you a lesson on how to make a ribbon hair bow. I was wondering what you will respond to this red hair bow attached to a hair clip.As for me, red will give me more enthusiasm and passion especially when I was in a tough situation. That is the reason why I chose red ribbon to start the how to make ribbon hair bow. What about you? Do you also think the very red hair bow makes a positive push to you?


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    Cut the ribbons. Cut two pieces of ribbons in different widths; cut their size in your like; note that the width of ribbon decides the width of the bow. Sew the ends of the wider piece. Sew the narrower piece in the same. Overlay the two ribbons in the middle with the narrower up.
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    Make a bow. Press the two ribbons to a butterfly shape; sew the middle to shape. Cut out another ribbon; make a triangle knot. Tie it to the middle to butterfly shape; sew the ends of the knot.
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    Make hair accessories. Glue the back of the bow with hot melt gun; stick a hair clip to the glued place. Sew a rubber band to the back of the bow.

Things You'll Need

  • Polyester ribbon
  • Sewing threads
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Hair clip
  • Rubber band
  • Hot melt gun
  • Glue stick

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