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If you already know how to do everything with a bow and arrow thanks to other links on this site and yet you still cannot make a container for your arrows (otherwise known as a quiver), then read on. You'll be toting your arrows around in no time.


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    Find some sort of fabric for your quiver, such as a piece of leather, an old shirt, or even an old blanket.
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    Flatten out your fabric and fold it at the bottom and up the sides, leaving only the top part open.
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    Sew the two sides together and the bottom separate so that your arrows will not fall out.
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    Get some sort of string to use with the quiver (one really long string or two different, shorter strings).
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    Put a slit into the quiver in the middle and the bottom (the slit in the bottom is optional; it is just so the quiver will not slide on your shoulder). Pull the string through the middle slit first and then the bottom; make sure the two ends are on different parts of the quiver (if this doesn't make sense now, don't worry; it will later on).
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    Put it on your back (on your right shoulder if you are right-handed and vice versa). At this point you should have one string dangling behind you and the other one with each end of the string in each hand. You should have the ends positioned at your diaphragm.
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    Tie the two ends together like you would tie your shoes, then take the other string and tie those ends together around your waist.


  • If you want your quiver to last a long time, try to use leather.
  • Get a strong, weather(water,heat sun,ect.) resistant part,Like a large PVC pipe section or even cardboard and then hot glue a fabric or leather piece to the outside. This results in a stronger quiver that lasts longer and is better than a simple piece of cloth.
  • Make sure your arrows go into the quiver head first, leaving the side with the feathers about two inches away from the top of the quiver.
  • Fold cardboard in a tube, fasten and cover with brown cloth.
  • Cut the fabric into a heart shape; a heart-shape quiver folded in half is the original style.
  • You can also make a quiver out of wood. Get a light type of wood in a cylinder shape, then put coals on it to turn the hole where you will put the arrows. All you need to do then is attach the string as mentioned above.


  • When making the slits in the quiver, make sure to position your hands so they don't get cut.
  • If you are working on the wood version, be careful with coals when burning the centre of the wood.
  • Don't allow the coals to fall off the wood and hit your hands. Try digging a small hole and putting one end of the wood into it for support.
  • Be careful when sewing the quiver together so as not to prick your finger.

Things You'll Need

  • fabric such as an old shirt or blanket or leather.
  • wood (for second version of the quiver)
  • string (two different pieces are recommended.)
  • needle & thread (something to sew the quivers sides and bottom)
  • knife or another cutting tool.
  • coals (if you choose to make the wooden version of the quiver.)

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