How to Make a Quick Bong

Three Parts:Gathering MaterialsPreparing the BottleAttaching the Bowl

It is a somber summer night, you are at your home, and all you want to do is smoke some product. After deciding that you will take part in this act, you realize that you do not have a bong handy. Luckily, it's a quick and easy procedure to make a homemade water bong out of a few simple and cheap materials.

Part 1
Gathering Materials

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    Locate some sort of an empty plastic bottle. A 20oz bottle works best, because it will be less cumbersome than a 2 liter bottle. Anything like an empty water bottle or soda bottle will work.
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    Get a socket bit. You can find these at any hardware store. Ideally you want a 7/32, or 5.6mm, socket. Make sure the shape is roughly one inch long, skinnier on one end (smaller diameter), and fatter on the other (larger diameter). Also make sure that hole on the bottom of the skinny side is sort of small, so that product will not fall through while being smoked.
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    Gather the rest of the tools and materials. For this project, you'll need a lighter, a pen that can be taken apart, duct tape, and, optionally, a needle or exact-o knife.

Part 2
Preparing the Bottle

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    Make sure the bottle is empty and clean. Remove the bottle cap and toss it away. Empty out the bottle if it's not already empty. If it's a soda bottle, clean it out with warm water to remove some of the sugar residue inside the bottle. If you want, you can remove all the labels from the bottle now.[1]
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    Make a hole for the bowl. Take your lighter and put a flame to the side of the bottle, about half of the way from the bottom.. Make sure that the flame is only barely touching the bottle, so as to slowly burn a small hole in it. Stop once the hole is a little smaller than the diameter of the pen.
    • Another method to make the hole is to punch it out with a sharp needle, or carve it out with an exact-o knife. Just make sure it's not larger than the pen.
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    Make the carb hole. Now look at where the bowl hole is positioned on the bottle. You need to make another hole near the top of the bottle, on the opposite side from the first hole. Ideally, you should make this hole somewhere where it is natural to hold a finger over it with your non-dominant hand while holding the bottle. Hold the lighter flame to this spot until a hole is made, roughly double the size of the other hole. [2]
    • You can also make this hole with a needle or an exact-o knife.

Part 3
Attaching the Bowl

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    Take apart the pen. Remove all the pieces of the pen until it is just a hollow tube. This will be the stem that your bowl will be attached to. Ideally, your pen will be large enough in diameter that the skinny end of the socket can fit in it.
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    Combine the pen and the socket. Stick the socket bit in the pen, then use duct tape to secure them together. Use a couple layers of duct tape to ensure a stable connection.
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    Stick in the stem and bowl. Slide the side of the pen without the socket into the hole near the bottom of the bottle. Angle it pointing downwards, toward the opposite side of the bottle, so the bowl can be loaded without the product falling out. Then use several layers of duct tape to secure the pen to the bottle and create an airtight seal. Fill the bottle with a couple of inches of water and your bong is now finished.[3]
    • You'll want to slide the pen in as far as possible, so the ideal angle is for the end of the pen to touch the bottom of the bottle on the opposite side of the hole.
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  • Sockets with the smallest holes work best. Try to find a pen and a socket that will fit into each other snugly.


  • After the holes are burned, allow them to cool off before you touch them.
  • Do not inhale the fumes that arise from the burning plastic.
  • Do not burn yourself when you are burning holes in the plastic bottle.
  • Do not inhale too big of a hit, as the smoke can feel very harsh on your throat.

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