How to Make a Puzzle from a Metal T Strap

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You can make a puzzle with a T-shaped metal connector, two washers (or two of anything with a hole in the center) and a piece of string. It's simple to make, but difficult to solve! The washers begin at opposite ends of the metal fitting, and your objective is to bring them together on one side without untying the string. Try it!


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    Tie thread to the T like in the picture (Length of thread is important, do not make it too short).
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    Thread a coin (or washer) through the respective ends of the string.
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    Tie the string to the "wings" of T.
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    The challenge begins! Without untying a knot, move the coins so they are on the same loop, touching.



  • You're not going to find the solution to this puzzle in the article. You can figure it out! Here's a hint: look for the heart-shaped knot.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal fitting (T-shaped / 5-6cm)
  • String (about 40cm = 16 inches)
  • 2 coins (with a hole) or choose other items with a hole.
  • Pair of scissors
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