How to Make a Public Restroom Potty Kit

Most public restrooms are missing something (or everything). It's always a mystery what will be available when you go in, although it's likely that they will be dirty and understocked. To protect yourself when you use these bathrooms, make a potty kit. These kits come in the form of individual packets and can be carried in your backpack, purse, or pocket. Containing everything you need for a positive public restroom experience, these kits are easy to make and easy to use. Read on to learn how.


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    Gather your materials. You'll need Clorox, Lysol, or similar surface cleaning wipes; small zip-lock plastic bags; good quality toilet paper; paper towels; hand sanitizing wipes; and anything else you regularly use in the restroom.
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    Individually wrap the surface cleaning wipes. If you bought them individually wrapped, then skip this step. Otherwise, put one or two of the wipes into a small Ziploc plastic bag. Seal the bag, squeezing out all excess air. Repeat this for as many kits as you plan to make.
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    Tear off as much toilet paper as you typically use. Roll or fold it carefully, and consider adding slightly more than you typically need - a public restroom is a terrible place to run out of toilet paper. Make sure the toilet paper stays neat and clean throughout the process.
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    Prepare some paper towels. Tear two or three paper towels off the roll, enough to dry your hands thoroughly. Consider including extra - you never know when you'll need them, and they can be useful in all kinds of emergencies.
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    Fold or roll all your supplies into the paper towel. Grab one "serving" of each item you've prepared - one bag of surface cleaning wipes, one dose of toilet paper, one packet of hand sanitizing wipes, etc. Depending on the type and strength of your paper towel, fold or roll these supplies up in the towel. Secure the packet tape or rubber band, if you feel the packet will be abused. Paper towels are all different, so just experiment a little bit, until you find a folding technique that works for you.
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    Use the kit when necessary. When you enter a public restroom, open up your paper towel packet and remove the surface wipes. Use them to wipe down the toilet seat, then throw them in the trash. When you've finished doing your business, use your own toilet paper. It will always be better than the toilet paper in the stall, even if it is available.
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    Use your paper towels when washing your hands. After cleaning your hands, pull out your paper towels. Leaving the water running, dry your hands. This may seem wasteful, but if you turn off the tap with your freshly washed, wet hands, you will re-contaminate your hands, wasting all of the water that you used to wash with.
    • Use the paper towel that you just used to dry your hands as a 'glove' for turning the (filthy) tap off, and opening the door to exit the restroom. Remember, not everyone washes their hands before touching that door handle.
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    Dispose of the remains of your kit. Well designed restrooms have a wastebasket near the exit. If this is not the case, find a trash can elsewhere outside the restroom. Don't flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet, as you don't want to clog it for other users.


  • Unused sanitary wipes that you didn't need (because a restroom miraculously had soap) can be reused in future kits.


  • Don't try to flush any of the kit, other than the toilet paper. It's bad enough that it's a public restroom, the next person doesn't need to find a toilet clogged with your trash.

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