wikiHow to Make a Professional Spy Club (Kids)

Have you ever wanted to make your own spy club? Now you can! Keep reading for instructions on building up your agency and making it the sneakiest in the neighborhood.


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    Recruit members. To start ,make sure you have soldiers whom you trust; maybe like 8 trusted friends who want to join in. Give them forms to fill in with their trust to be a part of the team. Also test them if they have the power to take part of the group. After the paperwork give them badges or ID-cards to recognize them as team members.
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    Create a spy club name. Take votes with your team members what they think the spy club name should be. Make the name sound real for example...United Government Intelligence(U.G.I). The most votes wins the title.
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    Train. Your team needs fitness and muscles. Teach them the basics first then so on. After their warm up, start to heat the training up. Record their training and test them for ranks.
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    Assign ranks. After the training look at there record sheets and test sheets.Choose who looks like the winning team member.Here are some ranks for your team or change them if you want to for team.
    • Head Spy-In charge of the whole organization.
    • Vice-spy-In charge of the organization if Head spy is sick.
    • Governors-Situates the buildings roads and tracks for the spy club.
    • Senators-Goes to other places of spy clubs and talks to the head spy's.
    • Supreme Judges-Has the power to suspend licenses.
    • Councilors-In charge of discussing, situating votes and goes to other spy club meetings.
    • Spy agent-Goes wearing a disguise and getting information from bad gangs.
    • Employees-Just recruited personals.
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    Spy Base: Just like real agencies have a base or building to meet or to finding information. Find a place in your backyard or hiding place to set up your spy base.


  • Have a folder or folders to hold all you're files together!
  • Don't make your base too tall if you have a fence...... you don't want anybody seeing it if you are a spy!!
  • Make sure that the people in your team could show up every time!!!


  • Don't tell everyone about it. Just keep it secret.
  • You should only have like 5-7 people but they should be age 8+
  • keep people who want to be the leader out

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