How to Make a Presentation Fun

You can make any presentation fun even if it's not the most exciting topic in the world. Here's some tips to make your next presentation fun for you and fun for your audience.


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    Before You Plan The Fun, Plan The Basics.
    • As obvious as this might sound, caring about your presentation topic is important. Be sure that you understand why you are presenting, and what you want to be achieved at the end.
    • Ask yourself the important questions to help you understand. Why is this presentation important? What are you going to tell your audience that they don't already know? If you were in the audience for this presentation, what would make it worth your while to hear it? New information? New ideas? The more thought you give to these questions, the better your presentation will be.
    • If it's an undeniably dull topic, one of the best things you can do for your audience is to admit it. You'll often see them visibly relax as a result. You could do this with humour: "I know you've all raced from your desks to hear me present on the marvels of correct filing procedures..." or by simply saying: "Trust me - I know this isn't a very exciting topic, but I'm planning to make this time enjoyable for you."
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    Involve Your Audience. Listening to anyone just talk for 20 minutes is no fun. You are holding the presentation, but that doesn't mean your audience should only hear from you. Audiences always appreciate feeling involved.
    • Ask questions. Encourage your audience to think actively about the subject you're presenting on. Asking an audience: "Does anyone have any questions?" is good manners, but often met with stony silence too! Try asking your audience open-ended questions like "What's the most difficult or frustrating aspect of this new software for you?"
    • Have other people read out information instead of you. Pick people at random to read out a slide or explain a point.
    • Do you already know that some members of your audience will be distracted, bored, or even critical of your presentation? These are the people you'll need to involve and engage most of all. Give some thought to how you'll involve these people ahead of time. You might ask them to help you during the presentation. You could even phone them the day before your presentation and ask them to ask questions on the day.
    • The larger your audience size, the harder it can often seem to keep your audience engaged. Ask your audience to think about how what you're presenting applies to them personally. Pose thoughtful questions. Even though your audience might be too large to get answers from everyone, you'll get them thinking.
    • If you are standing on a stage, there's nothing stopping you getting off the stage and walking around through the audience as you present. One of my favourite university lecturers often surprised our class by presenting from the back of the room. No-one could ever fall asleep in the back row of his lectures.
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    Surprise your audience. Think back to a presentation you have really enjoyed. Chances are, it wasn't the topic, but the fact that the presenter did something you'd never seen done in a presentation before. Perhaps they had a unique style and tackled the topic in a very new and interesting way. If you want your presentation to be fun, surprise your audience. Here's a list of ideas to get you thinking:
    • Play music as an intro, or even during your presentation. Add music files onto your PowerPoint slides, or even play music off your Ipod/Iphone.
    • Play funny YouTube clips to illustrate a point in your presentation. Funny TV commercials and even small grabs of funny movies or TV shows can work well to reinforce a point in a fun way.
    • Ask people questions and give out small prizes for correct answers. It's amazing what people in an audience will do for a free Kit-Kat bar. You could even hand out small lollies and chocolates to start.
    • Put questions you want your audience to answer inside a bowl and have them choose questions at random. You could put questions under seats, or even hide them and ask your audience to find them.
    • If you need to distribute reading materials, try hiding them in another room and making your audience find them. Or, choose two people to hand them out to the group for you - in exchange for compliments. (Hint: this is a good role for the 'distracted' members of your audience).
    • Who says your presentation has to be inside your office? Make everyone walk outside and sit in the sunshine for your presentation. Move your audience to a different room every 5 minutes. Turn the lights off and present by candlelight. If your office always holds presentations in the boardroom, hold your presentation in the lunch-room. Take all the chairs out of the room and make everyone sit on the floor. Wear a mask. Wear a superhero outfit. The sky is the limit.
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    The more you try to make your presentation involving and surprising, the more fun it will be.


  • If you've seen fun presentations done well by others, ask them for advice. Skilled presenters are usually very generous with their ideas and time and will be happy to help you out.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have people in your audience asking questions, or answering questions, always genuinely thank them for doing so.
  • No matter how fun your presentation is, it's hard for your audience to concentrate if they are too cold or too hot or visibly exhausted before you begin. Before you start your presentation, check the thermostat in the room and ensure the temperature is comfortable for all. If your audience looks tired, encourage them to stand up and have a stretch - or even suggest a 2 minute break for people to visit the rest-room or make themselves a coffee or get some fresh air. If it's possible or appropriate, try to have water and snacks for your audience, too.


  • Jokes are great to keep the mood light and keep your audience engaged. Bad language, racist jokes and smutty/sexual jokes are not fun. If you want to tell a joke, make sure it's appropriate for your audience. If you think there's a chance it might offend, don't go there.

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