How to Make a Prayer Rock

Prayer rocks are fun to make, involve the whole family and can help pass the time on a summer afternoon. It makes a great christian camp activity and helps kids remember to say their daily prayers


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    Search For Rocks. You need a large enough rock to fit the palm of your hand. Make sure it does not have sharp edges and not too dirty. Don't try to search for colorful rocks as you are going to paint over it anyway. Get enough so that each child has his own rock.
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    Wash away the dirt on the rocks. Thoroughly wash away any debris and grit present on the rock, especially if children under the age of 8 are participating in the activity.
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    Paint and decorate your rock. Use bright pastel colors and paints to decorate your rock. You can also add stickers, to your rock. Recommended styles are patterns, a single bright paint, polka dots etc. Let the child use his own creativity.
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    Write a reminder. Paint a reminder to pray with a fine paint brush. It can be a simple reminder like "Remember to pray today" to a more complex one such as a small poem. Help the child write the message if he/she cannot do so him/herself.
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    Use the rock. The rock serves to remind young children to pray every night and after waking up.
    • Place the rock on the bed so that the child will see it when he is going to bed.
    • The child is then supposed to say his prayers and keep the rock on the floor so that he will step on it when he wakes up, again to remind the child to say his prayers.
    • Place the rock on the bed again after saying the morning prayers.


  • Rocks can be substituted with other small things. You can also make rocks with concrete and give them a desired shape.


  • Use skin friendly colors as children tend to make a mess while painting.
  • Make sure that the rock has no sharp edges as a child is supposed to step on it.

Things You'll Need

  • A small fist sized rock
  • Paint and colors
  • Decorative items like stickers

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