How to Make a Pokemon Battle in PowerPoint

While playing the popular Pokémon games, have you ever thought "I wish I could make Pokémon games. I would be so happy if I could!" Well, now you can. All you need is Microsoft PowerPoint or a similar program with Custom Animation.


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    Add the trainers. Find some sprites online. Choose a trainer front sprite and place in the top-right corner. Then right click, select Custom Animation, Exit, Fade Out. Set it to on click. Then choose a trainer back sprite and place it in the bottom-left corner. Do the same for this trainer, then set it to With Previous. Now when you click, the trainers disappear. Also add a large circle at the bottom-left and a smaller one at the top-right.
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    Add the Pokéballs. You need a closed sprite and an open sprite for the Pokéballs. For the opponent, place the Pokéball on the trainer and go to Custom Animation. Select Motion Path, Freeform. Then draw a line from the Pokéball to it's nearby circle. Set it to With Previous, then choose Emphasis > Spin and set to With Previous. Then select Exit > Disappear for the Pokéball and set to After Previous. Select Appear for the open Pokéball and put it in the same spot as the other one will disappear in. Set to With Previous to make it seem the Pokéball is opening. For the player, place the Pokéball off-screen and draw a Free-form path that makes it seem to be thrown, but lands off-screen.
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    Add the Pokémon. You must use a back sprite for the player and a front sprite for the opponent. Place the front sprite in the smaller circle and the back sprite in the large circle. Go to Custom Animation > Entrance > Fade In and set to With Previous to make it look like the Pokémon come out of the Pokéballs.
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    Add the moves. Use shapes and animation to create different moves. Beams can be accomplished by making a rectangle wipe in and out in the same direction, and many moves are simple to create. Some, such as Assist, are harder to make.


  • Experiment with different moves to see which ones are simple and how to make the harder ones.


  • Don't get frustrated if you can't make a move. Experiment with different ways and try different moves.

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