How to Make a Pinwheel Wreath

Remarkably effective yet very easy, a pinwheel wreath can be used for any occasion that you'd like a wreath. Use Christmas paper and it's ideal for Christmas, use red, white and blue and it's a patriotic statement for various countries, use magazine paper for an eco-friendly theme or comic pages for a Comic-Con party!


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    Select suitable paper to make the pinwheels. As noted in the introduction, the type of paper chosen will determine the suitability of the wreath for the occasion.
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    Make enough pinwheels to create a wreath. A standard wreath can be made using about eight to ten medium size pinwheels, more if the pinwheels are smaller. To make a pinwheel, see: How to make a pinwheel.
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    Assemble the pinwheels. Find a suitable base, such as a Styrofoam/cane/cardboard wreath base. Glue each pinwheel to the wreath base, taking care to keep the pinwheel shape intact and to try to keep the pattern neat.
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    Allow to dry. If the wreath base lacks a hanger, add some twine or ribbon to create one. The pinwheel wreath is ready to hang on a door or anywhere else appropriate.
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Things You'll Need

  • Suitable paper for making the pinwheels
  • Pinwheel requirements (see How to make a pinwheel)
  • Wreath base
  • Craft glue
  • Hanger, such as twine or ribbon

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