wikiHow to Make a Pincushion Ring from a Plastic Bottle Cap

When you lose sight of a pin, it's dangerous. But it's troublesome to take pins in and out of a container one by one. This small pincushion is convenient for sewing crafts. It can be made easily with a bottle cap which is otherwise thrown away. You can even wear this pincushion like a ring. How convenient!


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    Make two holes with a push pin as shown. A standard needle or pin will be too weak to pierce through the firm plastic of the cap.
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    Pass a string through the holes. Instead of a string, you can use a rigid line of plastic cut from a straw or plastic bottle. The important thing is that it is secured on the inside of the cap so that on the outside, the loop fits snugly on your finger like a ring.
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    Cut cloth into a circle of about 2.5 times of diameter of cap's diameter. (Diameter is the length of a line from one edge of the circle to the other, and this line must pass through the center point.)
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    Make a stitch just inside the edge, all the way around. Secure it in the beginning, but do not secure it at the end yet.
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    Wrap a cotton ball in the circle, then tighten the thread by pulling on the needle so that it wraps around the cotton securely. You can then tie the thread into a knot. This is the cushion.
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    Glue the cushion to the bottle cap. Use plenty of glue to make sure it stays in place
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    Wear your new pincushion on your finger and use it!


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    Decorate with your taste. In this picture, a ribbon and lace were used.
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    If you use beads on the loop, it'll slide well on and off your finger.


Things You'll Need

  • Cap from a plastic bottle
  • Piece of cloth
  • Chemical fiber cotton
  • Push pin. (to punch holes in the cap)
  • Thread. (or thick nylon line and rubber string)
  • Glue
  • Ribbon, beads....
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    Pair of scissors

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