How to Make a Picture Frame Out of a Cereal Box

The following instructions will help you create a fun picture frame out of an empty cereal box (or any box desired). This is a wonderful and creative craft for kids to do! This project requires very little training or prior experience. This awesome activity will keep the children occupied for around 30-45 minutes.


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    1. Draw the shape you would like to display your picture on the box.
        • Note: make sure it is slightly smaller than the picture you will be using.
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    2. Cut out the shape you drew with the scissors.
        • Note: Using
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    3. Decorate box around the shape you cut out. Suggested materials to use would be markers, crayons, stickers, paint, glitter (if you do not mind a little more mess), or any others you can think of.
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    4. Place picture face down on table. Place a piece of tape across each corner of the picture.
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    5. Open up the top of the box with the hole you cut out facing you.
  6. 6
    6. Lift picture with two fingers. With picture facing you, place it in the box through the top opening.
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    7. Press tape against the inside of the box once you have centered picture in the hole you cut out
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    8. Close and tape the top of the box, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! ☺ You are the proud owner of an awesome new picture frame.


  • Use caution when using scissors when cutting your desired shape out of the box. They are sharp and can cause personal injury.
  • If you use glue, make sure children are not eating it or gluing body parts together. Only use glue on the box or picture.

Things You'll Need

  • Cereal box (or any cardboard box)
  • Tape and/or glue
  • Picture
  • Scissors
  • Materials for decorating the frame (markers, paint, stickers, etc.)

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