How to Make a Pet Rock Family

Two Parts:Making a Pet Rock FamilyMaking a Home for the Family

A pet rock make for an easy and fun pretend pet. And more than one makes a family of pet rocks. You'll need the right amount of rocks for each family member, mother, father, and some kids, and maybe some extended members. Then you'll need some housing for them too. Just remember - this is all in good fun and they're imaginary pets, not the real thing.

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Part 1
Making a Pet Rock Family

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    Find a family of rocks. The garden or your backyard is an ideal place, or the craft store (pebbles in bags). You may be able to buy decorated rocks from garden centers or hardware stores. .
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    Wash your new rocks. Get a small bowl of lukewarm water, then add soap for your new pet rocks.
    • Allow to dry before adding designs to them.
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    Decide the personalities of each rock family member. For example, tough, serious, silly, pirate-like, fatherly, bossy, daydreamer, and so forth. Also decide their ages, such as teenager, baby, or adult.
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    Draw faces on the rocks. Use markers or paint to turn each rock into an individual personality with eyes, mouths, a mustache, curls, eyelashes, etc.
    • Add frowns, smiles, cheeky grins, toothy looks, to help enhance the rock's personality.

Part 2
Making a Home for the Family

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    Create the rock family's first home. Use some sort of box like a shoe box, or if your school sells chocolate bars, use one of those boxes. If you have a big rock family, you can glue together some shoe boxes to create different rooms.
    • A sullen teenager could have its own box at the back, like a granny flat or in-law's cottage.
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    Put fabrics down for carpet in the different rooms.
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    Make some furniture.
    • For chairs, glue cotton balls together.
    • For tables, use big match boxes. You can get some big ones from a dollar store.
    • For TVs, glue a picture of something to a small piece of cardboard.
    • For beds, make cotton chairs, only bigger. Same with couches.
    • Make your own stuff up. Imagine big and create more.


  • Your pet rocks can be anything you want them to be. Don't be restricted by how someone else thinks a pet rock should look or be played with.
  • Try using Sharpie for the face and decorations so they'll stay on longer.

Things You'll Need

  • Box
  • Rocks
  • Marker/pen
  • Cotton balls
  • Matchbox
  • Fabric

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