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Writing in a journal is fun and very helpful. Writing in a journal you have decorated can inspire you to write more often. This article will show you how to make and decorate your own personalized journal.


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    Get the journal you are going to decorate. A composition notebook works the best, but you can use another kind if you would like.
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    Open the notebook in the middle, and lay the book down flat so that the cover is facing up and the pages are facing down and are touching the surface you are working on.
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    Get some aluminum/tin foil and cover your notebook with it, leaving a couple extra inches on the sides of the notebook so that you will be able to tape it later.
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    Carefully flip the notebook around and fold the edges of the foil (the extra inches) around the cover and tape them. (Now your outside cover should be completely covered by foil. The inside of the cover should have a couple inches over it that are taped down.)
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    Take your magazines and cut out letters that spell out your name, pictures you like, words you like, quotes you like, flowers, clothes, etc. Then you can tape all these words and images (and your name!) onto the journal. You can decorate both the front and back cover with these words and pictures.
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    Take a clear packing tape and line the whole book with it. This is so that the pictures you have taped on will not fall off or get ruined. (Make sure you let a couple inches of the tape overlap the cover like you did with the foil so that the tape will wrap around to the inside.)
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    Enjoy your personalized journal - no one has a journal exactly like yours! Write your dreams, hopes, fears, wishes, and feelings into this journal.


  • If you don't have aluminum foil, it's possible to wrap your journal in wrapping paper as well.
  • You can use pictures/words from magazines of anything you like. Sports, pets, fashions, instruments, pictures of you and your friends, quotes, flowers, words of things you like, such as "music", "friends", "school", etc.
  • It is nice when you cut out letters that spell your name, and then tape your name on your journal front and center!
  • If you have a favorite theme, like cows, or ducks, or anything, add those to the design of your journal.


  • Do not use magazines that aren't yours. You mom/dad/brother/sister will be very mad if you cut up a magazine that they still wanted. It is best to use your own magazines or old magazines that no one wants anymore.

Things You'll Need

  • A composition notebook (or other notebook)
  • Tin foil (aluminum foil)
  • Magazines
  • Clear packing tape
  • Regular masking tape to tape on all the pictures you like

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