How to Make a Party Bag

Two Methods:Netting party bagFilling in a ready-made bag or box

Party bags are one of the final touches that make a party. Most little guests love to leave the party toting a treat inside a pretty little bag. Making a party bag can be as easy as filling an already made one or you can make your own for just a little extra effort. Choose to fill the bags with things that match the theme of the party and you're all set.

Method 1
Netting party bag

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    Cut the net fabric into a circle that is about 22 centimeter (8.7 in) across the middle. Cut the lining fabric into a circle about 17 centimeter (6.7 in) across.
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    Spread out the fabric circle on top of the net and pin it.
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    Sew the edges of the lining to the net.
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    Turn the circles over so fabric is on top.
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    Use the needle to thread the elastic in and out of the net just outside the fabric circle. Pull the ends of the elastic tight and tie them together. Cut off the extra elastic.
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    Cut two small holes in the net about 10 centimeter (3.9 in) apart. Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie into a bow. Use the ribbon as a handle for your party bag.
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    Fill as required.

Method 2
Filling in a ready-made bag or box

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    Ask your child what candies and chocolates he/she likes. Write some of the candies down on a piece of paper.
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    Add some toys to the list. Work out how many candies and toys you need altogether and whether you will get bags or noodle boxes.
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    Go shopping for the toys, chocolates, candies and bags or boxes. If wished, decorate the bags before filling them.
    • Ribbon or curly ribbon are nice additions to a party bag.
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    Pack the party bags with the candies and toys. Don't show it your child because it is a secret until the party time.
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    You are finished! You also have the option to see the children eat the candies and play with the toys. Ask your child to see what they would like for the next party.


  • Fill with sweet things that aren't candies if you want to avoid too much sugar, such as lip gloss or a pretty hair clip.
  • Use a marker to place guests' names on the bags if needed.
  • Add decorative items such as glitter, ribbon, drawings, etc. to personalize the bags.


  • Don't put too many candies in the bag; some parents don't like a lot of candy being given to their children.

Things You'll Need

  • Method 1:
    • 50 square cm net fabric
    • 34 square cm lining fabric
    • Scissors
    • Fabric glue
    • 10 square cm card
    • A roll of thin elastic cord
    • Needle ( suitable for threading elastic cord )
    • Approximately 40 centimeter (15.7 in) of coloured ribbon
  • Method 2:
    • Party bag or noodle box from craft store
    • Candies, chocolates and toys
    • Markers, ribbon, curly ribbon, etc., for decoration

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