How to Make a Paper Umbrella

Two Methods:Crafting Cupcake UmbrellasMaking Custom Cocktail Umbrellas

Full-size oil-paper umbrellas are a traditional part of many Asian cultures. The delicate art of creating them takes years to master.paper-umbrellas/</ref> However, you and your children can learn to make simple miniature paper umbrellas in less than an hour. These umbrellas can be used for decorations to match a theme party or as just a fun craft to pass the time on a rainy afternoon.

Method 1
Crafting Cupcake Umbrellas

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    Gather your materials. To make cupcake umbrellas, you will need a few items that you are likely to already have around your house. If not, they can be found at most any grocery, drugstore, or hobby shop near you. You will need cupcake liners, pipe cleaners, craft glue, and scissors.
    • You can use either plain cupcake liners or ones that are already pre-decorated. If you choose blank liners, you may also need markers, pens, pencils, or crayons for decorating them.[1]
    • This is a good craft for young children who may have trouble with the more complicated methods of making paper umbrellas.
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    Decorate your umbrellas. If you would like to decorate plain cupcake liners, draw on them first before doing anything else. You can use anything you have on hand, like crayons or markers. Draw whatever designs you'd like on them.
    • You can also put different letters on each wrapper to spell out a word.
    • If you have other materials available, like stickers or glitter, feel free to add those, too.
    • If you're using pens or markers that bleed through the paper, work a surface covered with newspaper to keep from staining. Spread the wrapper flat and face down. The outside of the wrapper will be the most visible part of your "umbrella."
    • If you're using utensils that don't bleed through, such as colored pencils or crayons, you can decorate both sides of your "umbrella."
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    Fold each cupcake liner into quarters. Take each cupcake liner and fold it in half with the side you would like to be visible (usually the bottom of the liner) on the outside. Unfold the liner. Fold it in half again, this time making a crease perpendicular to the first one. There should now be two creases creating four equally-sized sections.
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    Create umbrella handles from your pipe cleaners. Bend each pipe cleaner into a crook, with one long straight section that ends in a small hook looping back around. [2] If your pipe cleaners are long, cut them down so that they are about one and a half times the width of your cupcake liners.
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    Insert the umbrella handles into the umbrellas. Poke the straight end of one pipe cleaner through the center of each cupcake liner. You will be going through the folded down, undecorated side. If you have trouble getting the pipe cleaners through, try poking a small hole in the center first using a toothpick or pen.
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    Glue the umbrella pieces together and wait for them to dry. Position the pipe cleaner handles so that they stick only slightly through the top of the cupcake liner. Fold the liners down in the position you'd like them to set in. Dab some craft glue inside through the bottom of the umbrella. Focus the glue at the base of the umbrella where the handle connects most to the paper. Don't use too much, or it will spill and make a mess. Wait at least one hour for the glue to set.[3]

Method 2
Making Custom Cocktail Umbrellas

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    Gather your materials. You will need sturdy paper, wooden skewers, clear tape, scissors, and a writing utensil.[4] If you'd like to customize your umbrellas by decorating the paper, you will also need some type of media to decorate with. Rubber stamps and non-toxic ink are a great choice.
    • Paper of medium thickness, such as construction paper, works best. However, thinner paper like printer or origami paper or thicker paper like cardstock can also work. Tissue paper, however, is much too thin.
    • Decorative patterned paper and stationary will look great.
    • These little umbrellas are great for decorating drinks.
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    Decorate the paper. If you'd like, decorate one side of the paper using pens, stamps, or some other media. Matching the decorations to the theme is great if you're making these for a party. If you have a printer that can print on thick paper, try printing out patterns. If you will be using these umbrellas to decorate anything edible, avoid using materials like glitter that may fall off into your food and drink.
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    Trace out one circle for each umbrella you plan on making. Using a coaster or the bottom of a glass tumbler as a guide, trace non-overlapping circles onto the undecorated side of your paper. Cut out each circle using your scissors.[5]
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    Fold your umbrellas. Fold the circle in half and then unfold it. Make sure the decorated side of your paper is facing out. Fold it in half again to create a crease that is perpendicular but folded in the same direction as the first. Create a third crease in the same manner, this time with a diagonal through the first two creases. Do this for a total of eight creases creating 16 equal slices within the circle.[6] Repeat this folding pattern for each umbrella.
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    Scallop the edges. Using your scissors, cut out a small almond shape from the edge of each of the 16 wedges. This will mimic the folded panels of a real umbrella. Do this for each of your paper circles.[7]
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    Cut down the center of one crease. Select one crease and cut half of it, making a slit from the edge to the center. This step is necessary to create an umbrella that holds its shape. Repeat this for each umbrella.[8]
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    Fold one panel under the other. At the site of the slit, take the section on the left and bring it underneath so that the panel to the right overlaps it. Lay a small piece of tape flat down the underside of the umbrella to hold the two sides together together. Repeat this step for each umbrella.[9]
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    Stick a wooden skewer through each umbrella. If you have trouble getting it through, use a toothpick or pen to make a tiny hole first. Don't make it too big or the umbrella will slide too far down its handle.
    • If you don't have wooden skewers, you can use plastic ones or long toothpicks instead. Either one will be easier to poke through the paper.[10]
    • Stick the bottom of the umbrella handle into drinks or food to create a festive atmosphere.

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