How to Make a Paintball Field

If you have a few friends that have paintball guns and a good-sized plot of land, then you can make your own paintball field easily. Try these steps and see how fun (and cheap!) it is to do.


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    Get together with a few of your paintball-loving friends. Make sure they know they are going to use shovels and do some labor.
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    Find a section of land that is clear and easy to dig. The soil should be rather loose -- not clay or rock -- and have plenty of open space with a few obstacles like trees or rocks.
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    Build a trench.
    1. Figure out what shape you would like your trench to be. It just be a straight line or an L-shaped ditch, or U-shaped, or virtually anything you want it to be.
    2. Make sure the trench is deep enough to hold a person squatting down. Dig down about 3 to 3 12 feet (0.9 to 1.1 m). You may find there are rocks or even boulders that need to be moved. Since players will jump into a ditch rather quickly, it's best to remove these hazardous objects to a safer location.
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    Dig foxholes.
    1. Determine where you want the holes to be placed. They should be about 3 feet (0.9 m) deep and wide enough for one or two people to stand or lay in.
    2. Pile the dirt you dig up around the hole to make a barrier.
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    Get a few old boards or anything that can be used for cover and lean them against trees and rocks. You might try medium-sized tree trunks, plywood, or broad-leaved plants.
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    Make pill boxes with rock walls if available, or make your own by piling wood boxes and using mud for cement.
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    Test your paintball field with your helpful friends to find any areas that need improving. Then you can invite more friends (or enemies) and have fun!


  • When building your trench, try creating a sloped edge for players to lay on. If you can, build multiple trenches with varying edges, some with a gradual slope and others with a very short, cliff-like edge.
  • If you find rocks or boulders in your trench, try relocating them to the playing field and use them as obstacles. Stacking several rocks is a good way to create an obstacle and firing positions.
  • Try packing the dirt around the foxhole hard so that it cannot be moved easily. Alternatively, you can use your extra dirt and fill sandbags (available at a hardware store) to create your foxhole barrier.
  • Make bunkers of different sizes. You don't want a bunker that is impossible to infiltrate, so make some the size of your body and some larger structures.
  • Create some sort of "safe-zone." This is for the players who are out or are just wanting to spectate. It can be made out of wood with windows, or mesh stretched over a frame.
  • You should also try to make other houses or boards that are bigger so you can go upstairs and down stairs you should also try to get houses that no body uses then it won't cost money.


  • When playing paintball, never take off your mask, and try to wear long clothes to protect skin and sensitive areas.
  • Do not build your playing field on someone else's property without permission. Paintball fields require serious landscaping, so you should make sure that owner's of the property are aware of your intentions.
  • Young children should be supervised by an adult at all times, whether playing paintball or building the field.
  • If you must use heavy or sharp tools, ask a parent's permission before building.

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