How to Make a Pagan Haven

If you are a Pagan, a good way of being able to connect to your religion is by turning your room, house or personal space into a Pagan Haven - where you can surround yourself by all the things that you believe in and not worry about cluttering up someone else's space. But how do you do this? Read on to find out...


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    Get some vases of flowers and put them around the room. Choose your favourite types or ones that look good together and select special places for them. Make sure that they have access to sunlight, and have plenty of water.
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    Fill a shelf/bookcase with books about Paganism, herbs, whatever you use to celebrate the Pagan holidays/cast circles (if you are a Neo-Pagan) or pray to your god/goddess with.
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    Place lots of different candles around the room. Make sure they are in safe places and not where they might be knocked over.
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    Create a special shrine for your god or goddess somewhere in the room. This can be a special stone, picture, whatever represents your god or goddess for you.
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    Line the room with special symbols that apply to you. For instance, if you are a peaceful kind of person, place olive twigs and pictures of doves around the room.
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    If you believe in the four natural elements (sometimes five) fill the room with things that represent them. If you've placed vases full of flowers around the room, you already have water and earth. Candles are good for fire, and you could use feathers or fans for air.


  • Some people, but not everyone, have experienced feelings of happiness when they make or enter their Pagan havens. This is a sign that energy is flowing freely around the room, so don't be afraid or worried if it does or doesn't happen to you.
  • Another way to represent the Element of Air in your Pagan Haven is to burn Incense. Different types of incense has different effects on our moods. When you buy incense, it usually says on the container (or however they are packaged) what this particular incense is good for.
  • Another good way to cleanse is to sprinkle a salt water solution around your room.
  • You could cleanse the room before hand. Witch hazel, lavender and white sage are good for this, but there are many other kinds of herbs that work for cleaning.
  • Once you're finished, try casting a circle in the room to show your god/goddess that this is your Pagan haven, and to thank them for helping you build it.


  • Be careful with candles. Don't leave them unattended!

Things You'll Need

  • Vases
  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Special items that apply to your and your beliefs/element(s)/personality.
  • A room
  • Herbs to cleanse the room with.

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