How to Make a Ninja Costume

Six Parts:The HeadbandThe BeltThe TopThe HoodThe Pant GuardsTotal Assembly

A ninja outfit should be dark, concealing and comfortable - the better to execute your ninja moves. You can make a ninja headband, belt, hood, top, and pant guards using nothing but a collection of like-colored t-shirts. In your homemade getup, you'll be ready to release your ninja moves - but only on those who deserve it.

Part 1
The Headband

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    Take a t-shirt and lay it out on a flat surface. Choose one that is at least big enough for you to wear. Odds are if it's too small, it won't easily wrap around your head.
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    Take your T-shirt and turn it inside out and where the head normally goes through look out but don't put your head through.
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    Tie the ends together. If the sleeves are visible, that's okay. They'll be hidden underneath your hood anyway.

Part 2
The Belt

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    Grab another t-shirt. Do exactly what you did to form a headband, but don't place this one around your head. Just fold it up to create one strip of fabric. The width of the belt should depend on your size. Generally a little wider than your hand is a good width.
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    Pull the sleeves around your back. The middle of the shirt should be around your stomach. It should be fairly taut. If it's not, you may be better off with a smaller t-shirt. You don't want an absolutely gargantuan tie at your back.
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    Tie the sleeves around your back. Tuck the remaining ends into the belt. You'll have a bit of a bulge at your back, but it shouldn't be too noticeable. If you can see the neckline, tuck it away. It'll just be distracting.

Part 3
The Top

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    Take another t-shirt and put it on normally. Fold the sleeves under so your shirt looks sleeveless. Make it a clean crease and try to avoid wrinkling or rolling the sleeves. Cutting the sleeves off can lead to asymmetrical lines if you're not a pro with a needle and thread, so it's best to stick to rolling them under.
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    Take the bottom part of the shirt and pull it over your head. Don't take it off all the way! Just so it is on the back of your neck (while keeping your arms through the sleeves (or what used to be sleeves)). You should have something that resembles a strange vest around your arms.
    • Make sure the t-shirt is big enough so this step doesn't render your arms immobile or greatly reduce their range of motion.

Part 4
The Hood

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    Put on a long-sleeved t-shirt and stop above the ears and nose. In other words, the top of the tee (the collar) should be resting on the arch of your nose and ears.
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    Pull the back of the shirt over your forehead. It's okay if your hairline is exposed; that's what the headband is for. Adjust it so it's a bit above your eyebrows. It doesn't have to feel tight just yet.
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    Take the sleeves and tie them behind your head. It's okay to leave the sleeves dangling. You can either leave them free or tuck them into the shirt around your torso.

Part 5
The Pant Guards

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    Take another shirt and place it on your upper thigh. The collar should be pointing toward your navel at an angle. Tuck in the seam of the collar to get rid of the awkward lines.
    • Your thigh is not in the t-shirt. The t-shirt is simply draped over it.
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    Take the sleeves and wrap the shirt around your upper leg. Tie off the sleeves in the back of your leg. Fold the knots under.
    • Then, tie off the bottom ends of the shirt behind your leg. Tuck away any loose ends or knots. Do this to both legs.
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    Take another shirt and do the same to your lower legs. Also do the same for your lower and upper arms (this may require assistance). Of course, you could just wear a long-sleeved t-shirt of the same color and you'll look just as good. But layers generally add to the persuasiveness of your outfit.
    • The bulk of your work is done. Now all you must do is determine whether you are fighting for good or evil. Some say the suit makes the man, but in your case, you made the suit.

Part 6
Total Assembly

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    Put on the base of your outfit. This is the t-shirt and sweatpants that the rest of the outfit is geared around. Whatever you do, just choose one color -- any color. Even white ninjas exist.
    • Good colors are black, navy blue, red, and white. Of course, pink ninjas may be taken a little less seriously.
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    Layer on your top, pant guards, and hood. If you are having someone tie on arm guards, do this now.
    • After those three are assembled and ready to go, add on your headband. Adjust everything so it's secure and looks good.
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    Add your accessories. This could be a sword, throwing stars, boots, or gloves. Get creative -- you are the ninja; there is no doing wrong. Ninjas don't make mistakes. If someone questions the authenticity of your ninja hood because you're wearing Doc Martens, that's when you put that steel toe to good use.


  • Make sure to tuck in any loose hanging ends. If something keeps popping out, grab a safety pin to ensure it doesn't keep happening.
  • Only use matching colors unless you are looking to make the shirts one color and the clothes underneath another color.


  • Be careful not to tie the shirts too tightly, so as not to reduce circulation.
  • A ninja outfit made from t-shirts does not make you a ninja and, unfortunately, offers little protection when in a ninja fight. Be careful.

Things You'll Need

  • Up to 12 (with a minimum of 8) t-shirts or fabric
  • Pair of matching-colored pants
  • Accessories (footwear, etc.)

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